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Simple way would be to use system restore.

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Q: How do you recover the temporary folder in Window XP?
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From which folder on the distribution server are the windows xp professional program files copied to a temporary folder on a client computer?

i386 folder.

How do you know active window folder in windows xp where two windows folder is availabel in c drive?

Go to run and type Temp then enter, a window will open that will show you active window.

How do you recover from a corrupted registry that prevent window xp from starting?

use safemode.

How do you show hidden folders on Windows XP?

On Windows XP, hidden folders by activating 'show hidden files and folders' in Folder Options. Folder Options can be accessed from any Windows explorer window.

How recover password in quick heal in window xp?

dont know i m trying to find out

You are configuring Windows XP on your machine Which folder properties can you set in Folder Options?

Opening files using a single click Opening folders in the same window Viewing web content in folder

How to Recover data from private folders document settings users in windows xp when operating system crashed?

C:\Documents and Settings\user name\Recent from this folder to recover the data.

How do you recover files from folder luck in Windows XP?

XP as such can not recover files from any folder if these files are deleted from the dustbin. There are however software available that can scan the index on the harddrive for deleted files and then recover these if they have not been overwritten. This software can in many cases also partially recover partially overwritten files. WinUndelete and Recovermyfiles are two choises. search via google. I am sure there exist many programs for this purpose, and some might even be free to use. Best of luck and regards.

Can window XP use a window XP professional?

Yes, if you have Windows XP, you can easily use Windows XP Pro

What is the percent SystemRoot percent folder as used in Microsoft documentation?

the folder in which Windows 2000/XP is installed %SystemRoot% folder, all systems files (the folder in which windows 2000/XP is installed)

What is the extension to a folder?

In windows xp the extension for a folder is generally .FOLDER it can be seen in the windows registry !!

Whereis the lodation of ntbootddsys in window xp?

where are the location of NTBOOTDD.SYS in window XP

What is the name of the folder on the Windows 2000 XP CD where the installation files are stored?

in xp and 2000 CD it is stored in i386 folder

What is system 32 folder?

system32 is a folder that holds info. for your windows XP.

Can window 2010 run on window xp?

Yes, it can run very well on Windows XP.

Which is best window xp ultimate or window black?

Windows XP Ultimate if you're racist.

What is the ful form of xp in window xp?

The name "XP" is short for "eXPeriance

What happen when you double click on any folder in windows xp?

Double clicking on a folder in Windows XP should open up a view of that folder's contents.

Is there a way to change the background image for INSIDE the folder in windows xp?

Right click anywhere on the desktop. on the Display Properties window, click advanced. In the drop down menu, select "window", pick a color and apply.

Can you change the window xp to window 7?


How do you delete folder from windows xp home c drive?

Click the folder and press delete.

Does windows xp have a Program Data folder?

Normally it does not have it.

Where is the temporary folder?

For XP Users:My Computer\Local Disk (C:)\ Documents and Settings\Your Profile Name\Local Settings(It is hidden*)\Temp *Tools, Folder Options, View Tab, Hidden Files and Folders, Show Hidden Files and Folders, Apply, OK

What is this folder in Windows XP bcbed851582aa440ee18d8fe83?

Is it in your C:\ folder? Most likely that was a partial install of a windows update. Perhaps the computer crashed or was forced to shut down during installation of a windows update, and that caused the temporary folder with the update code to be not deleted after installation. That is just a guess, though, based upon your limited description.

What is the name of the folder on the Windows 2000 or Windows XP CD where the installation files are stored?

The i386 folder.