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Q: How do you recycle city sewage with respect to ganga action plan?
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Ganga action plan failure or successful?

ganga action plan was a failure

Short note on ganga action plan?

a short paragraph about Ganga Action Plan

What is ganga action plan?

Ganha Action Plan the which promised of cleaning the polluted River Ganga.

What was the Ganga action plan?

The Ganga Action Plan (GAP) was a successful program initiated by the Government of India in 1985 to reduce pollution in the Ganga river.

What are the goals of the ganga action plan?

people who comes to see the ganga river they throw garbages in ganga so the government of India they thought can we buy ganga action pain .It is started by Rajeev Gandhi the prime minister of India to keep clean to the Ganga river.

The Ganga Action Plan initiated?


How can you stop pollution in the river ganga?

The main contributor to increasing pollution level in Ganga river is the sewage water which is disposed directly in to ganga without proper f the best way to control pollution in ganga can be effective treatment of all the wastewater before they enter the holy river.Improvement in the funtioning of the sewage treatment plants could be a great help as most of the sewage treatment plants fail to meet their standards as described by Centre for pollution control board(CPCB0.Another possible method can be diversion of the water in drains in to various ponds where the sewage water gets treated before it enters the river.These ponds may be oxidation ponds,ponds with various microorganisms which can feed upon the waste in the sewage water to reduce the sewage load and ponds with aborbing plantations of pollution absorbing plants etc.

Why was the ganga action plan made?

Ganga Acition Plan was made because the sacred(pavitra) river is being polluted & even some people throw dead body's in it so to clean it GAP (Ganga Action Plan) was made

How should river Ganga should be treated?

it should be treated with respect as it is a holy river.

Why was the ganga action plan a faliure?

Due to unable and improper implementation.

What is the main objective behind the ganga-yamuna action plan?

it was a successful plan

What steps can be taken to restore river ganga to its past glory?

The Ganga Action plan was launched in India in 1985.The main aim of the project was to reduce the pollution level in the river.Pollution control activities included under the project were:solid waste management.Installation of sewage treatment plan.installation of crematorium.Development of river front.Provision of low cost sanitary facilities.To creat public awarenes

Is there a case study on ganga action plan?

The Ganga Action Plan was a program launched by the Government of India in April 1985. The mission of the plan was to reduce the pollution load on the river Ganga. The Indian Government spent over 900 core Rupees on this project but it failed to decrease the pollution level in the river.

What is the main objective between the ganga-yamuna action plan?

it aims to provide clean and pure water

Is ganga longer or brahmaputra?


How do you write ganga in Hindi?


What are the problems in river ganga?


What is sparsh ganga?

Clean Ganga Project

Name the two headstreams of the ganga where do they meet to form the ganga?

Bhagirathi and Alaknanda are the teo head steams of ganga. They do form a meets of ganga.

How much time will it take to complete ganga action plan?

i think so it will take 3-4 yrs more

Multipurpose projects of the river ganga?

ganga project

108 names of the river ganga?

names of ganga?

Where does the river ganga originate?

from Where does the river ganga originate?

Which slogan shows the importance of ganga?

ganga is life save it..

What is the name of ganga in patna?

No special name. Ganga only