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People: - spray substances that neutralize it - install catalytic converters in cars - use planes and cars less

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What do you think can or should be done to reduce acid rain?

you can reduce acid rain by the amoun t of water there is i9n the pacific.

Offer two suggestions that would reduce acid rain?

offer two suggestions that would reduce acid rain

What are the pros of acid rain?

Pros of Acid Rain: - you have less weeds (as they are getting killed) :-) - acid rain adds sulfur to the soil, which is essential to plants - sulfur in acid rain is believed to reduce greenhouse gases

How can people reduce acid rain?

stop pollution

How can reduce the amount of acid rain?

how r u

What can you do to have less acid rain?

To stop, or reduce the amount of acid rain, you can shut down factories which make pollution. First, acid rain is made of pollution and rain water. When mixed and let gone, there is acid rain falling from the sky.

Can acid rain be reduced?

yes it can only if we reduce our pollutants.

How does calcium carbonate help to reduce the amount of acid rain?

Calcium carbonate is an alkali. It reacts with the acids and neutralises the acid rain.

How would electric cars affect acid rain problem?

They would reduce the pollution inthe atmosphere causing the effects of acid rain to reduce due to the lack of nitrogen and sulphur dioxide.

Do cars make acid rain?

YES. the burn fossil fuels and this creates gas emmisions and this creates acid rain.... so by taking public transport u will help reduce acid rain.

What can be done to prevent or reduce acid rain?

pollution is a major cause of acid rain. less use of automobiles, and machines that produce alot fo smoke could lessen the chances of acid rain.

What can people do to reduce the problem of acid rain?

reduce the introduction of acidic gasses into the air. For example the sulphur in coal smoke will bring about acid in rain. There are many other pollutants that also have the same effect.

What are some ways to reduce acid rain?

Spray base chemicals in the clouds?

How can you reduce the amount of acid rain that falls?

destroy the factories that produce pollution XD

How can the formation of acid rain be prevented?

it could reduce pollution and renew energy resources.

How can you reduce acidity of lakes caused by acid rain?

stop doing air pollution

How can we reduce acid rain?

We can reduce acid rain when the world ends. By then the human race will be infected with acid rain disease. That's rubbish. We can contribute bit by bit, by emitting less gases, like car gases, factory gases and other. YOU can help too by driving your own car less, or if you can, stop smoking! together we can do anything@@@!

Conclusion of acid rain?

Acid rain is acid rain.

Why do countries need to work together to reduce acid rain?

Countries need to cooperate to reduce acid rain because no single country is responsible. If one country reduces emissions, there are still many neighboring ones producing the same amount.

What is the Chemical for formula for acid rain?

acid+rain=acid rain

Can acid rain be prevented?

To help prevent acid rain we should reduce activities that result in the production of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. These activities include burning natural gas and even wood. To reduce emissions from the car we can reduce the use of private cars and start using public transportation and energy conservation.

How can you protect the environment from acid rain?

The major source of acid rain is emissions from smokestacks and urban concentrations of vehicles. Lobbying for better scrubbers, wasting less energy, and cracking down on smog-producing vehicles are three ways to reduce the pollution that causes acid rain.

What is rain acid?

rain with acid

Is acid rain rain with acid?

Yes, Acid rain is rain with higher than normal levels of nitric and sulfuric acid.

Can acid rain contaminate food?

Yes. I would say so.Actually, I (JEK) don't think so... It can certainly harm plants and reduce harvest yields, but I'm not so sure that it presents a health problem to eat foods that were affected by acid rain. Acid rain does not directly impact the health of humans (for instance, if it is rain or bodies of water are not dangerous due to acid rain). However the causes of acid rain, the oxides of sulfur and nitrogen, are dangerous.See the Web Links for more information about the causes and dangers of acid rain.