How do you refinish furniture?

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sand the furniture down and the paint or stain it. sanding indicates you are going to use the existing finish as a base for a new final top coat involving the same type of finish or a more modern finish that is compatible with the original.

You might also consider stripping the old finish off, sanding, staining, and then refinishing.

stipping involves two basic kinds of product. water soluable and solvent soluable, meaning, how to wash off the stripper/old finish.

before refinishing consider the condition of the original finish. it just may need some cleaning and some tlc.

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Q: How do you refinish furniture?
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Organizations such as Pintrest and Hgtv refinish aging furniture. The prices of these services is very reasonable and the service quality is excellent.

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To refinish a piece of furniture you can sand it down and then apply an even coat of varnish to it. It will seal it nicely and look like it's brand new.

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first remove the od finish. or you can use with chemical liquid to remove it. remove the physical surface of furniture, and than you can use wood putty to make that surface and than refinish the furniture

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Sometimes you need sand paper to strip wood from furniture.

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