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How do you refinish furniture?

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sand the furniture down and the paint or stain it. sanding indicates you are going to use the existing finish as a base for a new final top coat involving the same type of finish or a more modern finish that is compatible with the original.

You might also consider stripping the old finish off, sanding, staining, and then refinishing.

stipping involves two basic kinds of product. water soluable and solvent soluable, meaning, how to wash off the stripper/old finish.

before refinishing consider the condition of the original finish. it just may need some cleaning and some tlc.

2007-10-10 21:36:02
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Q: How do you refinish furniture?
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How can I refinish my aging furniture?

Organizations such as Pintrest and Hgtv refinish aging furniture. The prices of these services is very reasonable and the service quality is excellent.

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I inherited a lot of old furniture that has dents and dings in it. What is the easiest way to go about refinishing furniture?

Is it easy to refinish a piece of wood furniture?

To refinish a piece of furniture you can sand it down and then apply an even coat of varnish to it. It will seal it nicely and look like it's brand new.

What are the steps needed to refinish wood furniture?

first remove the od finish. or you can use with chemical liquid to remove it. remove the physical surface of furniture, and than you can use wood putty to make that surface and than refinish the furniture

Sand paper needed to refinish furniture?

Sometimes you need sand paper to strip wood from furniture.

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How do I remove water rings from my dinning room furniture?

You can either get a professional to repair it or you can refinish it and try to scrub it out.

How do you refinish a gun stock?

There are many types of finish. Your local library should have books on furniture/woodworking, etc..

who are the people will do a good job of refinishing paint?

Yes, there are plenty of infor online on refinishing paint. it depends what you want to refinish: furniture? walls? For furniture, check this site out:

How to refinish metal patio furniture?

It is very easy to refinish your metal patio furniture, but it does require some steps. I would recommend going to a professional who has more prior experience with this topic, and requesting that they do it for you. However, if you want to refinish your metal patio furniture, you would have to cover you work area with newspapers, tarps, plastic bags to protect the surface and the floor. You would then have to remove any caps or tips from the furniture. It is important to put on the protective equipment, and then to remove the rust and peeling. This can take quite some time, and can be quite confusing to people. Therefore, I would recommend going to a trained professional to get this task done.

What is the proper sealant to use to refinish my dinning room furniture?

Any sealant that is approved for wood will be fine. This will prevent seperating or unwanted residue.

Can you lighten dark oak furniture?

You will have to remove the old varnish in it and make its surface smooth with the use of a sand paper and refinish it with a lighter colored finish. You may use Linoleum for that as they are good for polishing the outdoor furniture.

What training is needed to restore antique furniture?

Some the training needed to restore antique furniture would be tradition had finishing, veneering and laminating the wood. Caning would also be needed to refinish some chairs.

Can you refinish your own furniture easily?

Yes, there is plenty of information on refinishing your own furniture. I would start with a kit at your local home improvement store. The person in that department is usually open for questions for newbies. Good luck!

You have lyon-shaw patio furniture purchased 30 years ago or more you need some spruce custom spray paint to reglaze it Where can you get it?

What type paint and how should it be applied to refinish old Lyon- Shaw patio furniture ?

How do you get dried latex paint off of wood furniture?

The only way I can think of is to refinish it by sanding it. Then you would put a wood varnish over the wood to bring out the grains/color.

What stain should I use if I want to refinish my kitchen furniture?

Any dark stain looks good, but if you have a lighter, modern apartment you may want to go with a lighter stain.

How long does oak furniture last?

High-quality oak furniture that is made of solid wood will last, essentially, forever. (Or until the kids color all over it, or the cats scratch it up, or so on -- but remember you can refinish it.) Wood furniture that is not solid, is veneer, or so forth will not last nearly that long, sometimes it will give out after a few years or even months.

Do Not Use Metal Furniture On Finished Hardwood Floors?

If you have a wooden deck, you can use Tropitone patio furniture on it. However, you should not bring this same metal furniture into your house to use on your hardwood floors. The metal legs will scratch the finish on the floors. You will not be able to get these scratches out unless you are willing to sand down all of the flooring and then refinish it with stain or some type of varnish.

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How do I refinish wrought iron chairs?

There are many different ways to refinish the wrought iron chairs. One of the easiest way to refinish wrought chairs is at the following website (