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How do you register a domain name?

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There are two principal steps to make your website on the internet: the first is registering/booking a domain name and then selecting a web host. The web host is the guts of any website; this is where you build and publish your pages, build purchase fillings, insert service and preserve your site.

A domain name builds the address of your site and can end in .com, .net, .org, .info, .us, .biz, .tv, .me, .co, etc. Links to the most popular domain registrars where you can rent domain names in one-year increments are listed below in the "Related Links" section.

Most domain extensions can be registered for $10 or less per year. You can register your domain for as long as you wish. Many registrars offer discounts if you make a long-term commitment, purchasing the rights to a domain name for multiple years.


For registering domain name i will apply here at ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Number), responsible for managing the Internet Protocol address spaces (IPv4 and IPv6) and assignment of address blocks to regional Internet registries, for maintaining registries of Internet protocol identifiers.

Except this i can approach registrar appointed by ICANN for registration of domain name.

To register a domain name one must first find a unique handle. The domain can then be purchased from a domain management company. These companies typically charge an ongoing fee. If the fee is unpaid the domain will once again become available for purchase.

2013-02-28 16:27:28
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Q: How do you register a domain name?
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How can I have an URL?

Register a domain name.

What does it mean to register a domain name?


Where can you register a new domain name?

If you want to register your domain name,I would suggest you to get it from at reasonable price.They provide good service with customer support.

Is it possible to register a domain through Google?

One can register a domain name through Google although they are not themselves a domain registrar. They have agreements with firms such as GoDaddy and eNom to register the domains on the behalf of their customers.

Where can you get a website includes a .biz domain name?

You can register .biz extensions with regular domain registrars who register .coms and .nets.

What are the laws surrounding registering a domain?

To register a domain name, you must register the name with ICANN and pay an annual fee to gain ownership of the domain. It is illegal and impossible to have the same domain name as someone else and infringing on the trademark rights of another is illegal.

How much does it cost to register a domain name?

If you want to register a domain name,I would suggest you to get it from at reasonable price.They provide good service with customer support.

Register a Domain Name for Your Business?

form_title=Register a Domain Name for Your Business form_header=Get your website started by choosing a name to let your customers find your business. What kind of business needs the name?=_ What ideas do you have for the name?=_

How can one register a domain name?

In order to register a domain name, one must first contact a webhsoter. The business that runs the webhosting will be able to provide a list of available domain names, and the necessary funds that accommodate.

How much does a cheap domain name cost to register with Go Daddy?

To register a domain name at GoDaddy, the cost of it can be as low as 99⢠per month. There is also another domain, with a '.biz' extension which costs $6 for a year.

Where can one get a Canadian domain name registration?

You can get a Canadian domain name registration at the Cira website under the Canadian domain name. You can also register one on Go Daddy's Canadian domain.

How does one register an internet domain name?

Many sites offer the service of registering a domain, such as Register, whereby a person can choose the name of their website, and customise the design and layout of the page.

Can you register domain name online?

Yes. There are many domain name registrars like,,, and others where you can search for an register a domain name. The cost should be between $8 and $15 to register most domains for a year. If the fee seems expensive check a different registrar to see if they are cheaper.

Why do you have to register domain name with internet registrar?

The Domain Name Registrar keeps track of your ownership of the domain name, and records where your domain is hosted. They relay that information to the Domain Name Servers around the globe, so that when someone enters your domain name in their browser, they are directed to your website.

The portion of the web address thatg follows the www is called?

It is called the domain name. To start a web site, you first have to register the domain name, so there are no confusions between sites. A good site to use to register a new domain name is

The steps to 4register a domain name?

You must go to one of the sites selling domain names, like There you will be able to register a domain name which is available.

Can you register your URL as trademark?

You may be able to register your internet domain name if your domain name functions as a source identifier. Consumers must perceive it as more than just a website address.

What steps are involved in company name registration?

You need to register your company name with state government and register it as a business or company. You should also register a domain name on the internet with the business name.

How much does it cost to register a domain name through UK Reg?

UK Reg's online website makes it easy and cheap to register a domain name online. Domain Name Registration is priced at 2.95 Euros and will keep you registered for up to ten years.

What can be found on the Register Be website?

On the website "Register" someone can find many thing along with their services. They are a Domain registration website. They have prices, and information on getting a Domain name.

What information is in a domain names register?

A domain names register stores information on the owner of the site. This is typically the name of the person who registered the site, their business, and their contact details.

If someone would register their domain how would it help them?

If someone were to register their domain name it's basically equivalent to them branding their sitename. Thus, no one else can register that same site name while the other is already registered. It provides security.

What was the first computer company to register for domain name?

Symbolics Inc.

Where can you register a domain name easily?

The Internet is teeming with millions of websites that allow you to register your domain name. Check around because the prices can vary greatly depending on how much bandwidth you intend to use.

How do you register a domian name?

A domain name is a name for a website on the World Wide Web. To register one an individual will need to use the services of a hosting service such as GoDaddy. Once at the GoDaddy website click Domains at the top than Domain Search. Input the name of your choice, if the name is available proceed to register it.