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seriously, you need to get a life.

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Q: How do you register a furry friend without an animal ID or a key code?
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How do you make your furry friend on Build-a-Bearville?

To register your furry friend online, go to the Build-A-Bear Workshop store in Town Square and click on Champ, the bear standing behind the counter. Click on 'Bring furry friends to life online?', 'I have a birth certificate that has an Animal ID and Key Code for my Furry Friend', and enter the Animal ID and Key Code found on your furry friend's birth certificate.

How do you delete a furry friend on Build-a-Bearville?

There is no way to delete your furry friend on Bearville. Once you register it onto your account, it's there forever.

When you buy a mini furry friend can you register it on babv?

Yes....... absolutelty

On build a bearvillie can you have a club condo without a furry friend?

No, you can not have a cub condo with out a furry friend, you need at least one furry friend to enter your cub condo.

What is a buildabear animal ID and keycode?

A build-a-bear animal ID code is the code you will be given on your Bears certificate. You type it in to get your furry friend online. The Keycode is valid information to validate your furry friend.

Can you get a cub condo in build a bearville?

Yes, you can get a cub condo in Bearville if you purchase a furry friend from Build-A-Bear Workshop and enter the Animal ID and Keycode for your furry friend online.

Does anyone have a furry friend code?

you have to buy a furry friend to get the code

How do you get your build a bear in build a bear ville?

You go onto Build a bearville and down on the left hand corner there is a thing saying register furry friends click on that. If you have an account then sign in if you don't then click on don't have an account yet and just set one up you must have your furry friends birth certificate and type in the animal ID and keycode and they might ask you to pick what your furry friend looks like but they might not, they might of changed it, and then you have your furry friend on build a bearville

A code on furry friend for buildabearvillecom?

84739275028475937 animal id 7382640726 key code hope this helps!

What is a id and key code on bearville?

An ID & key code are what you need to have to register your furry friend online. They're on the bottom of your bear's birth certificate.

What is another way to say 'furry friend'?

If you are talking about a friend that is a member of the "furry fandom" another way of saying "Furry Friend" is "Anthro" or "Friend that likes furry stuff" Some suggest the term "Furiend" but it sounds improper when used in normal speech.

How do you give your furry friend a snack in build a bearville?

You click on you furry friend and click eat an apple

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