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remove fuel pump fuse. then start engine it will stall when fuel runs out change filter then replace fuse.

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Q: How do you release fuel pressure on 1998 Oldsmobile bravada to change fuel filter?
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How do you change a gasket on a Oldsmobile bravada?

The gasket on an Oldsmobile Bravada is changed by removing the retaining bolts, taking off the cover, and peeling the gasket off. The surface is then cleaned and a new gasket put in place.

How do you change the cabin air filter on a 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada?

There is NO cabin air filter on this year..

How do you change the shock and struts on your Oldsmobile bravada?

If it's a 98 or prior, It will have shock's all around which you can do yourself easily.

How do you change a heater core in a 1996 Oldsmobile Bravada?

Here is a website that helped my change the heater core on my 94 bravada on around 12/15/05:

How do you change a headlight on 1997 Oldsmobile bravada?

open hood two pins with rubber caps hold lights in. pull them up and out light will then fall out change bulbs and reinstert pins

How do you Changing hinge pins on a bravada?

You can change the skin. Japan's, on your Oldsmobile automobile, by propping the door up, so it cannot fall. Pound the inch pins out with a chisel and hammer.

How do you change out the starter on 2001 bravada?

You change out the starter on a 2001 bravada by opening the hood of the car then following the battery redÊcable from the battery to the starter.

How do you change the ignition switch on a 1997 Bravada?

This is for a 97 Blaazer but it is the same procedure as I used it to replace the switch in my own 97 Bravada.

How do you reset check engine oil light on a 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada?

I just had an oil change and the guy turned the key on (did not start car). Pumped the gas pedal three times simultaneous. Repeated with key off.

How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 2000 Oldsmobile Bravada?

There should be 2 plastic or metal pieces behind the headlights if you pull up on the lip of them they should release the headlights, then change your bulbs and set them back in the front of the car and replace the holders. They are long and thin and have holes with open space above the hole to hold them in place.

How do you change license plate lamp on 1998 bravada?

To change the license plate lamp on a 1998 Bravada, locate the bulb. Visit an auto parts store to obtain the exact bulb and screw it in place.

How many quarts of oil are needed an oil change of a 2002 Olds Bravada?

an oil change on a 2002-2004 olds Bravada with a 4.2 L inline 6 cyl requires 6.6 litres of oil with a filter change.

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