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If you are referring to the 4.0 liter in-line 6 and if it is anything like the 94 Cherokee I just changed a belt on, you proceed like this: 1) loosen 13mm pivot bolt on top of the front of power steering pump bracket (don't remove!) 2) loosen 13mm upper rear bolt on back of Power Steering pump rear bracket 3) loosen 13 mm lower rear bolt on back of power steering pump rear bracket. (this one is VERY hard to see and is buried under a wiring harness loom that runs right behind power steering pump) Once all of these are loosened a few turns, look down under right (drivers) side of pump and find the belt tensioner adjustment bolt (also13mm). Using a short socket with a 3" extension just fit on mine. Turn in or out to loosen or tighten serpentine belt.

For JGC 2000 4.7L or 4.0L engines do:

From: (Hats off to their incredible work!)

Note in step #2 that different tool needed for 4.0 and 4.7 engines. The Jeep GC 4.7L=15mm socket wrench while the Jeep 4.0L=15mm hex wrench.

1. Disconnect negative battery cable from battery.

2. Using a 15mm socket wrench (hex wrench for 4.0), rotate belt tensioner clockwise until it contacts its stop. Remove belt, then slowly rotate the tensioner into the freearm stop position.

3. Install new belt. Route the belt around all pulleys except the idler pulley. Rotate the tensioner arm clockwise until it contacts its stop position. Route the belt around the idler and slowly let the tensioner rotate into the belt. Make sure the belt is seated onto all pulleys. Inspect the entire belt path to make sure it is seated correctly on the pulleys.

4. With the drive belt installed, inspect the belt wear indicator (see diagram below):

On 4.7L engines, the tensioner is equipped with an indexing tang on back of tensioner and an indexing stop on tensioner housing. If a new belt is being installed, tang must be within approximately 24 mm (.94 inches) of indexing stop. Belt is considered new if it has been used 15 minutes or less.

On 4.0L Engines, the indicator mark must be between the minimum and maximum marks. The tensioner arm has three marks. Upon installation of a new belt, the double line marks close to each other should be very close to the mark on the base. The belt should be replaced if the single line mark lines up with the mark on the base.

Personal note: Get ready for some real work! This was very labor intensive but doable none the less. My experience was on my JGC-2000 w/ 4.0L. Get a hex socket extension for your ratchet. I was unable to get the radiator hood off(Couldn't get into passenger side lower bolt - Can't get ratchet in enough to fasten onto bolt. Sucks!!!) which didn't give me enough clearance to get a T-Handle hex key wrench. .

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Q: How do you release the serpentine belt on a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee?
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