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On the 99 Kia Sephia 1.8L, on the fuel rail under the hood, there is what looks like a service port. It kinda looks like a valve that you would fill a bicycle tire up with air, it also might have a light ble cap on it. press in the pin like you would let the air out of a tire. (CAUTION) use gloves and eye protection cause this part of the fuel system is pressurized. Some fuel will squirt out but will evaporate soon, faster on a hot day. Hold pin until fuel doesn't squirt anymore. (NOTE) Before starting your car next time, cycle the fuel pump by turning your key to the on position a caouple of times.

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Q: How do you relieve the fuel system pressure on a 1998 Kia?
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How do you relieve the fuel pressure on a 1998 Dodge Avenger?

Remove the gas cap and that will relieve pressure in the tank. There is a Schroeder valve on the fuel injector rail. Use that to relieve pressure at the injectors.

How do you relieve the fuel system pressure on a 1995 FORD F150?

find the schrader valve on the fuel rail depress the stem and it should release the pressure from the fuel system

How do you relieve the fuel system pressure on a 1998 Cadillac Catera?

On the passenger side, just under the air intake cover, there are two lines with nuts on them attached to the fuel rails. Turn them 1/2 turn and you will bleed the pressure from the system.

How do you relieve the pressure on the fuel system of a 1999 ford expedition xlt?

schrader valve on fuel rail

Whats the function of Bleed line in HPI-PT Fuel system?

To relieve pressure from the system for service To troubleshoot fuel pump performance To monitor fuel pressure regulator To evacuate contaminants from the system

Do you have to relieve pressure from the fuel system to change the fuel filter on a 96 Seville?

yes. if there is pressure in the system ( and there probably is ) when you loosen the fuel lines it will spray fuel everywhere creating a dangerous and possibly unhealthy situation

How do you relieve fuel system pressure on a 2001 Chevrolet Silverado?

Remove the gas cap, and then look for a Schroeder valve on the fuel rail. If there is no valve, then you cannot relieve the pressure. Just be prepared for a spay of fuel when you take the fuel filter off. Wrap a rag around the coupling as you loosen it.

How do you relieve fuel pressure from a Pontiac Grand Am?

Take out the fuel pump fuse and then start the car until it cuts off on its own. After it does cut off, the system is relieved of pressure.

How do you install a new fuel pressure regulator for a 88 ford bronco 302?

Remove the fuel pump and relieve the fuel system pressure. Disconnect the fuel line then fix the fuel pressure gauge. Reconnect the fuse to the fuel pump and start the engine to check leakage. Tidy the surrounding of the fuel pressure regulator.

How do you replace a fuel filter on a 1994 Eagle Talon ES?

relieve the pressure in you fuel system by disconnecting your fuel pump the change the fuel filter the hook your pump back up

How do you relieve fuel pressure on 95 S10 2.2l?

To relieve the fuel pressure on a Chevrolet S10, the fuel pump relay should first be removed. Then, the engine should be startedand run until it stalls.

Do you have to relieve the pressure in the fuel system before replacing your fuel filter in a 1994 eagle talon?

No, you do not have to and in some cases you cannot. Unless your car has a fuel rail pressure relief valve, you can only be prepared for the spray of fuel when you disconnect the filter.

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