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I learn things easily in school by many things ..First .. When the teacher teach as I have to try to dont do anythings only I have to listen to the teacher . Second .. if there is any important points I have to link these point on the book .=Third .. if there any daiyalogs .. I keep lesting to them .. to pick up the points that I have to remember ..==fourth .. When I get back to the home I have to read the points that I linked them ..==by these ways .. I can remembring thengs For easily .. its an easy point .. try to do it .. and you will beleve me ..=

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Be there every day possible, don't be late, get plenty of sleep every night, sit in the front of the classroom if possible, pay full attention to the teacher all the time, don't be afraid to ask questions, don't be afraid to answer a question when you know the answer, complete all homework assignments,wear school uniform correctly, eat breakfast every morning, get some exercise every day, don't try to be the class clown. If you can follow these recommendations, you will do very well indeed.

Here are some links to help you do better in school, too!

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To make school easier take down notes while your reading from your textbook or when the teacher is talking.(Outlining) Stay organized! Pay real close attention in class, if you see something on your desk that looks like you might play with put it away. For me making school funner is just having good friends, getting into conversations, and sharing a laugh with somebody (: Just be yourself and try to make everything fun with everything you do! It always work for me. Mostly I just be my weird self (:

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The best way to remember things is to keep a notebook for your assignments and check that notebook before leaving school every day. If you need to remember something that is not an assignment, you can make a note to remind you on your assignments for that day.

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Q: How do you remember stuff at school?
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