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How do you remove 'toolbar' from your PC?



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I have Firefox on my mac and to disable or delete a toolbar you just click tools, add-ons, then click on the name of the toolbar and either, enable, disable, or delete it. I am not sure if it is the same for Firefox on a Windows computer.

1. For Windows users, Go to the control panel, and go to programs and uninstall a program you do not want or toolbar. (Microsoft Windows)

2. For mac users, go to applications, and drag anything you don't want to the trash bin. But for deleting a toolbar, just go to firefox, and View, then Toolbars, and uncheck the one you don't want. There you go!

3. go to view menu of browser and click on the toolbar and choose disable option from that or go to control panel and choose programs and find your toolbar and uninstall it..