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go to control panel then add remove programmes and look for winfixer. If your lucky, it will be there. If it is, you could uninstall it, but it will still leave tons of hack trojons and rootkits, so i sugest carry on.You now should get macafee's "vundofix".use the alternitve link below to download it.

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โˆ™ 2007-03-23 05:41:15
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Q: How do you remove WinFixer from your PC?
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Winfix is software created by Challenger Software . I do not know the effectiveness of this software but I am pretty sure it is legitimate. Often confused between Winfix and Winfixer. If you have made a typo in the heading and mean Winfixer, it is a rogue program that installs without your consent. If you have it on your system, REMOVE IT NOW!!!

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