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How do you remove a 1989 Ford Ranger rear window and install a sliding rear window?

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2007-07-20 03:38:36

Step 1. remove interior trim, pulling quick fasteners at the

left and right side of the plastic holders, gently pull down head

liner and interior trim to expose 8 (eight) bolts that are best

removed by using 9mm open end wrench. Be careful to catch them when

they come loose or they will go to the hinter regions below trim

never to be seen again. 2. Use a non-sharp tool to scour around the

window to break the seal of the old window. 3. remove old window

and salvage the gasket.

4. Purchase the official window sealant, which is expensive but you

are doing this work yourself, so it's not that bad. Lay a bead of

sealant around the now vacant sheet metal.

5. replace gasket around new window.

6. Insert window and tighten 8 bolts, going from side to side to

assure seal. Tighten only tight, don't crank them down too


7. Replace interior trim.

8. Call Chiropactor to get you out of the back of the seats.

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