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The smell should go away on its own within a week ... if not, there is some unremoved shampoo in the carpet underpadding. It too will go away, it will just take a little longer.

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Q: How do you remove a carpet shampoo odor from a car interior that has been just detailed the carpet is now completely dry?
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How to remove ozone machine odor from a car interior?

Armor-All the dash, even add a bit to your carpet shampoo when you clean it.

What are carpet shampoo machines used for?

Carpet shampoo machines are used to clean carpets. They do just what the name suggests. They 'shampoo' your carpet and provide a very deep clean that ordinary cleaners don't provide.

Renting an industrial carpet cleaner, any advice?

The rug shampoo Kirby is one of the best carpet shampooers on the market. It is suggested to use the Kirby brand carpet shampoo.

What carpet shampooing chemicals are safe for a nursery?

Unique Carpet Shampoo is organic so would be safe around children. Another organic choice is Earth Friendly Products Carpet Shampoo.

Can you shampoo a carpet with flea shampoo?

Heck yes you can! it gets those buggers right out of there!

What is the best shampoo to use with a carpet cleaner rental?

The best shampoo to use with a carpet cleaner rental is Rug Doctor. Rug Doctor shampoo cleans really well, and you can also buy the shampoo at the same time as renting the machine.

What are currently the best carpet shampoos?

I am starting a carpet cleaning service. What are the best carpet shampoo cleaners on the market?

How do you get crayon face paint out of carpet?

Shampoo your carpet with resolve dual power for carpets.

Will water and vinegar solution remove shampoo from carpet?

Apparently so. I've been trying to find a better (and cheaper) cleaning solution for my new Bissell carpet cleaner, and water and vinegar comes up time and time again. The wetting of the carpet will allow the shampoo to dissolve again, and blotting out, or drawing out with the carpet cleaner should remove any shampoo in there. I suppose how quickly and completely depends on how much is in there. If the shampoo was alkaline based, then the vinegar will help draw it out (as vinegar is an acid). If not, then I guess it will take a bit longer to effectively rinse it out. I'm going to try this on the car seats, as the "valet" the last owner had done has left lots of shampoo in. More shampoo does not equal cleaner!

What is the best carpet cleaning shampoo?

The best carpet cleaning shampoo is actually an all fabric rinse. It helps remove residue in your carpet fibers and helps guard against stains wicking up!

What types of stains does Bissell carpet shampoo work on?

Bissell carpet shampoo targets the toughest and deepest stains in one's carpet. The type of stains that it removes include urine, wine, blood, and dirt.

Does the pH in carpet shampoo harm carpets?

A high pH in carpet cleaning can cause browning of the carpet fibers, or rapid re-soiling. Make sure that your carpet cleaning company uses a fiber rinse solution to rinse out the high alkaline pre-spray (carpet shampoo).

How do I get dog urine stains out of carpet?

Buy some pet stain remover and shampoo your carpet.

What is the best way to shampoo the carpet of a car?

Rent or buy a small carpet cleaning machine.

Rubber wheel marks in carpet how do you get them out?

Goof Off or Xylene will remove them. After that scrub with carpet shampoo.

What is the best brand of carpet cleaner?

The best carpet cleaner for animal stains would be resolve carpet cleaner then steam clean it with carpet shampoo from Bissell.

How do you get an entire bottle of shampoo out of your carpet?

simple water and rag, it will disolve and even clean the carpet some

How do you make carpet cleaner?

Shampoo it and use a steamer afterwards

Where can I find carpet shampoo machine?

Carpet shampoo machines are readily available - you can even rent them at some grocery stores - that's how common they are now. You can shop around for a good deal.

What product is best for shampooing carpet in a car?

The best car carpet shampoo is the Zep Premium Carpet and Upholstery shampoo. I would also use a spot remover from Malaseb, Kirby or Folex product lines to remove tough stains..

How much shampoo to use on carpet?

The shampoo bottle will give you the dilution instructions. It will also say what area it will treat.

How do you write a sentence using the word shampoo?

Please help me shampoo the carpet tomorrow. The dog could also use a nice shampoo. Your shampoo smells very nice.

How do you get runny dog poop out of the carpet?

Get a shampooer and shampoo the carpet. If you do not have a shampooer, clean it up and then use carpet cleaner to clean the carpet. Another thing you could use instead of carpet cleaner is vinigar.

How do you get the smell of cigarette smoke out of carpet?

Spray it with a fabric spray or shampoo it.

A company comes into your home to shampoo the carpet Which of these was provided by this transaction?