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How do you remove a cassette that is stuck in a car cassette player?

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please try "needle nosed" pliers.. it may also be a label peeling off inside the player

2015-07-15 19:35:13
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How do you remove a stuck cassette from a car cassette player without taking it apart?

You take a file, and stick under neath the cassette as a lever and pull it out.

How do you get a stuck cassette out of your car cassette player on a Buick Century?

You are probably going to have to remove the radio and take the top off to gain access to the tape. It has probably broken and the tape is fouled.

How do you get a stuck cassette out of your car cassette player on a Lexus sc300?

Take a golf tee and jam it in the one little opening of the tape. Use that to wiggle it out

How do you remove a stuck CD from a car player?

cd player

How difficult is the installation of a car cassette player?

The installation of a car cassette player is pretty easy to install, you will only need a few tools and up to an hour to install a car cassette player.

What is the risk for my car cassette player "eating" my cassette tape?

This is depending on the year of the cassette player and the type of cassette player. However even though you get the best cassette player you will still run into the problem of a cassette being eaten.

How much would a cassette player for your car cost?

A normal quality car cassette player costs about $25. If you already have a cassette player, you can purchase a cable to connect it to your car's audio panel.

How can you play audio cassette tapes in your car if there is no cassette player?

I suggest getting a portable cassette player and hook it up to a FM transmitter. However, it would be much less of a hassle to buy a different stereo for your car that has a cassette player.

How does the sound quality of a car cassette player compare to that of a CD player?

A CD player offers a superior sound then a cassette player in which the cassette player offers a low quality stero sound.

How can you make it harder for thieves to rip your car cassette player out of your dash?

You can always remove the head of the player. This makes it not worth the thieve's time to steal.

How can you add an MP3 player to the factory car stereo on a 1996 Chevy Cavalier?

You need to buy an mp3 player and get a cassette adapter for your headphone jack. If you have a cassette in the car.

Is there a way to play cassettes through your car CD player?

Yes it is possible to play cassettes through a car CD player by using a cassette to digital adapter. The songs on the cassette will be transferred into digital format.

What Car Company Was The Last To Offer A factory equipped Cassette Player?

I'm using anecdotal experience here, so I can't guarantee it to be 100% accurate, but the last car I recall seeing with an OEM cassette player (it also had a CD player) was the PT Cruiser/Prowler.

What is the purpose of having a cassette adapter in a car?

The purpose of having a cassette adapter in you car would be that your car is an older model that has an eight-track player and does not have current equipment such as a cd player. Another reason could be is that you are an owner of a classic car that has an eight-track player and you want to keep it authentic, so you use the adapter.

How do I get a AAA battery out of the cassette slot of the cassette player in a 1999 Ford Taurus?

Let the dealership deal with the battery after you buy a better car with a CD player instead of a tape deck,

Do any car cassette decks record?

yes ,car cassette decks can record

Is there a CD Bose replacement for a Audi 1996 A4 Bose cassette player?

There is a compact disc Bose sound system replacement for the Bose cassette player. The compact disc player, can be mounted in the trunk of the car.

Which car cassette player has the best reputation?

Sony's have a great reputation as being reliable.

What year did the Lincoln town car radio change over from a cassette player to a compact disc player?


How much should you have to pay to get a really nice quality car cassette player?

You can pay over one hundred dollars if you really need cassette playback.

Do all car cassette players have radio included?

Yes, they all have radio as a part of the player.

CD stuck in car?

Get a new CD player

How do you remove a stuck fuse from a car fuse panel?

needle pliers

Which car cassette players swtich sides automatically vs. switching cassette sides manually?

There is a casette player through Sony that offers a automatic switch changer which automatically switch the cassette without you having to change them manually.

Which brand of car cassette player gets the best radio reception?

Sanyo's are known for their radio reception.