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How do you remove a crankshaft bolt from a Toyota Celica?


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October 13, 2008 11:15PM

Removing this bolt can be hard to do...-right? With the belts still on all pulleys, try spraying penetrating oil on and around the bolt...let it sit at least a half hour or longer to "work". Use an impact wrench. Mine is an electric DeWalt, which I found has way more torque than an air unit. Still no joy? You may have to CAREFULLY heat the bolt with a propane or MAP gas torch...(found at home centers, or if you really have to, Wal-Mart as a LAST resort. I try to avoid giving them my business) If you overheat the pulley, you can expect it to melt the rubber part. (it acts as a dampener in the pulley -yes, there is rubber there in between the pieces... Then try the wrench again. That should get her done. If not, keep applying penetrating oil...maybe overnight. Clove oil can work miracles too. Once the bolt is removed, you'll need a puller to get the pulley off. Auto Zone has a loaner tool for that. I use a steering wheel puller I happen to own and it works. You need to mark the point where the divit in the pulley edge matches TDC (top dead center) if you are doing a timing belt replacement. On my older Celicas, they mark the cover underneath the crank pulley, but not the housing underneath. You should also take the time to highlite the crankshaft cams-to-backing plates marks at top of engine if doing timing belt. I find ducking down helps while looking at cams/turning bolt on crank to get the spokes lined up with the marks that ARE on the backing plate here. (It is a bit difficult to get right if you look down at cams...especially as you can't really turn crank bolt pulley with your wrench that way, except with your foot! If you fail to get them in the right spot, you'll be off a tooth, and that would suck performance-wise. Good luck!