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How do you remove a deceased name from a property deed in Logan county OK and place another name on it?


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this has to be done through an attorney and a court of law

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Legally only the executor can remove property from the estate. Anyone else could be considered to be stealing.

The new owner of the property or the trust holding the property would need to legally evict the person.

You will have to evict your adult child from your home. You must go to the County and file eviction papers, which the County will execute. The person is given enough time to arrange for another residence, and to remove their personal property.

Yes, it is still trespassing on another person's property

Only the co owner's estate can do that. The estate has rights in the property and will want compensation.

me and my sisters are on my deceased fathers will for his estate.My sister is power of attorney .my sister who is power of attorney has got sheriff to remove me from property, when that where i resides. is there any thing i need to do to stop her or permit her from making me leave property?

Until the time of possession by the renter. The time frame should be negotiated with the renters for the start date.

You first have to prove this fence is in fact, on your land and not your neighbors. You do this by obtaining the survey that is filed along with your deed. And then, if there is further questions, you might have to hire a survey company to re survey your property, physically mark the property lines and then give notice to your neighbor that his fence is on your property, justified by a copy of the survey and give him a time frame in which to remove this fence. Then, if it is not done, remove it and sue for the amount it took to remove it. You should read the contract you signed when you purchased the property. Many contracts for the purchase of land will state if an existing fences is the property line regardless of what a survey shows.

To remove a deceased person from the Deed, you will need to go to a title company. Bring the Death Certificate to show the part is deceased, then they will prepare a new deed to be filed with the county. (anyone else who was on the original title will need to be present for the new Deed) Make sure anyone who will be on the new title brings a valid form of identification.

Generally you don't need to remove the deceased joint owner's name from the property. You need only to record a death certificate in the land records and ask that it be referenced to the deed. Upon the death of your husband the full ownership of the property automatically passed to you.

A beneficiary does not have to accept an inheritance. Their share or that item will go back to the estate to be distributed in another manor.

If your neighbor has no easement rights in your property that would allow him to build a carport then he must remove it if you can establish that the structure encroaches on your property.

Each property owner or your insurers will be responsible for removing that portion of the tree that is on their own property. A property owner nor their Insurer is liable to another for acts of nature unless it can be proven that they were negligent in some way.

No. Generally all you need to do is record a death certificate in the land records. If you plan to sell the property the buyer's attorney will let you know if you need to record a certificate of no tax due.

Unfortunately, unless the property is fenced in with a locked gate the repossession man is allowed to come on to your property to remove the item under repossession. In fact, if you attempt to physically remove him he can pepper spray you in order to protect himself. They have the right to enter your property and reclaim the goods. However, he can not enter your home, a garage, or dwelling. If it is a car, and it is in the driveway he has the right to come on your property and remove it. They cannot move any of your or anyone's property to attain the vehicle, so if you park another vehicle in front of it he cannot move that to get to yours.

Yes, Pennyroyal is toxic to horses if ingested. It would be best to remove or relocate it to another portion of your property if at all possible.

One way would be for you to sell the property to someone else. If there is a mortgage on the home or property, then you need the lender's permission to remove your name from the title, and they are unlikely to allow it.

That would be up to the new owner of the property. You need to agree on a time frame for removal of personal property from the premises.

To remove a property lien you will need to pay of the debt completely. Request a Release-of-Lien from your attorney, and take the letter to your local DMV.

I filed a quitdeed with my deceased fathers name as the Grantor for our homestead. I am the only surviving hier. He died without a will. And I want to correct this. How do I go about it. I understand you cannot remove it form the county clerk records. (Texas)

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