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Check the bottom of the laptop there should be two panels with screws. One bigger than the other. The smaller one is for ram. The bigger one is the hard drive. Unscrew carefully and take the panel off. The carefully unplug the hard drive. Check for further assitance or check the users manual, the info is there.

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Q: How do you remove a hard drive from a Dell PC?
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Where to get a hard drive for dell inspiron 600m?

You can get a hard drive for your laptop at any certified PC stores. Hard drives are created equal.

Can you take the dell hard drive out an put it into an another dell laptop?

yes you can hard disks can be removed from one PC or lap to another.

Transfer PC files from external hard drive to a mac?

My dell PC hard drive has crashed. I'm thinking of buying a mac, but want to know if i can transfer files from external hard drive to mac easily

Is it possible to use a PlayStation 2 as an external hard drive for a PC?

No. However, if you remove the hard drive, it can be used as a regular hard drive in a computer.

What can you do if your dell desk top computer doesn't have a disk drive?

You can easy install a new hard drive into your Dell Desktop PC. The procedure for replacing/installing a hard drive varies based on the respective models and on the other hand it is critically important which generation of hard drives is actually compatible with your Dell desktop either an IDE or a SATA.

Where can one purchase a 1TB SATA hard drive?

A 1 TerraByte SATA hard drive can be purchased in store from Dell, DPS Business, Currys and PC World. Additionally the hard drive can be purchased online from Amazon and Dabs.

Does a disk require power to retain its information?

No...absolutely not. You can remove all sources of power to a PC and the hard drive will retain all information saved on it. You could even go so far as to remove the hard drive from the PC (always with caution and extreme care) and hook it up as a slave to another PC and still view files saved on that hard drive.

Can I use an HP drive in a dell PC?

Yes, you can change them.

Is the ps3 hard drive same as the PC hard drive?

It is the same as a laptop hard drive

Is dell a mac or PC?

Dell is a PC

Function of Hard Drive?

a hard drive is used to store data on your pc.

How do you transfer mac files on an external hard drive to a PC?

If the hard drive is formatted so that the operating system on the other PC can see it and read it you can plug it into the PC and drag the files onto the PC's hard disc.

How do you access a hard drive?

If you first remove the drive from the PC, you can purchase an adapter which allows you to connect it to a USB port on your PC and read the contents of the drive like you would a USB flash drive. It's referred to as an IDE/SATA to USB adapter.

Can you connect your Xbox 360 console to your PC?

no, but you can put the 360's hard drive as the slave hard drive of your PC if it is not a laptop

What is a hard drive function?

A Hard drive in a PC is used to store Operating System and software data so the PC will function.

You install a second hard drive on a PC the PC does not detect the new hard drive you verify the cables are connected correctly and that the hard drive has correct jumper settings what is the problem?

The BIOS has not been configured to detect a second hard drive

What is a local hard drive?

A hard disk that is inside your own PC as opposed to a hard drive you are accessing on a network, that would be in another PC somewhere else.

Can the hard drive be recovered if the cooling fan on a Dell laptop quit and now it won't boot windows?

You'll have to remove the hard drive from the laptop and connect it to another working computer, laptop or desktop PC. You can use IDE adapter for laptop hard drives - for connecting it to a desktop computer. You can use external USB enclosure for laptop hard drives for connecting it either to a desktop or laptop computer. You'll find instructions for removing the hard drive in Dell service manuals, they are available for download from the Dell website. Follow links for more information about IDE adapter and external USB enclosure.

What are the Hard?

a hard drive is what stores all the files on your pc.

Can you use a hard drive for all PC?

yes you can but most modems already have a hard drive in them

What can a hard drive do?

A hard drive is a non-volatile storage device for digital data on a PC.

Where can one purchase Dell hard drives?

Dell hard drives can be purchased from a number of websites including the Dell website itself. Other places one could try include Amazon, eBay and PC World.

What PC bus can take a hard drive?


Where is the brain of the PC housed?

Its hard drive

Who was the inventor of the first PC hard disk drive?

The first hard drive was made in Silicon Vally. The hard drive was made by a company, IBM.

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