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You shouldn't have to remove any screws..It should just pop off. You may have to use a slot screwdriver to pry it loose.

Some hubcaps have caps on the lug nuts that you have to unscrew. Then you can just pry it off with something. :)

Most New Cars don't have hubcaps, they really are just rims meant to look like hubcaps, in this case, there is no hubcap. Oftentimes, on trucks, vans and occasionaly cars, there are centercaps, which are similar to hubcaps, only usually, the center cap is not on a hubcap, but on a rim. These usually come off by just putting a screwdriver under it and popping it loose, however, some vehicals (Oftentimes trucks) have lugnuts holding the centercap in place, in this case, use a lugnut wrench.

It depends, Some hub caps you can take a large flathead screwdriver place between hub cap and rim and it will easily come off, others like he said above, have plastic caps that need to be taken off, then there are hub caps (example Buick) that have a center cap that comes off with a theft resistant screw. there is a special tool for these and if you bought the car off someone check the trunk where the spare is to see if it is there. on these types of hubcaps, three of the lug nuts hold on a metal piece that the theft resistant screw goes into. Remember to put it back on or your hub cap will fall right off.

Keep the shoes on your car happy :)

There are many cars now that have the hubcaps held on by the lug-nuts as well. all of the above are also correct. It all comes down to a matter of which design you are dealing with.

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Q: How do you remove a hubcap?
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How do you remove the hubcap of a 1983 Oldsmobile Regency 98?

Check on the internet

How do you remove a wire hubcap with out a key?

Your suppose to get the key and at the end of the key you stick it to the hubcap and try pushing force to it and then try pulling it back and try your hardest to get a good grip on the hubcap too, after you think you have a good grip on it try to pull back not slowly but then not that fast either and then if it doesnt budge then keep trying the same technic over and over until you remove the hubcap!!(:

How do you remove a 2000 Buick Regal hubcap?

Try using the lug wrench

How do you replace a tire on a 1994 Nissan Quest?

remove the jack. remove the hubcap. loosen the lug nuts. Raise the vehicle. remove the lug nuts. remove the flat tire. replace the tire. tighten the lug nuts. lower vehicle. tighten the lug nuts again. replace the hubcap.

How do you take a hubcap off of a 1986 grand marquis?

there is a spcial key required to remove them

When was Hubcap - Transformers - created?

Hubcap - Transformers - was created in 2007.

Is the lug-nuts what holds the hubcap on on a 1997 Ford Taurus sedan?

Yes, jack the car up and remove the lug nut to remove the hub cap.

A cadalliac hubcap has a center cap that comes off with a theft resistant screw How do you remove this screw?

Counter-clockwise rotation.

What kind of a hubcap has a man wearing a hat on it?

That would be an older Mercury hubcap from the 50's.

How do you remove the hubcaps on a 1992 Buick roadmaster?

Slow insert a flathead screw driver in the slot provided and push, hubcap will pop out

What does the term lift a hubcap mean?

lift a hubcap. steal a hubcap, a practice that was common among troublemakers in the 1950s. upside-down and backward. thoroughly; from all angles, in every way.

How do you remove the hubcap from a 1988 Mercury Grand Marquis?

1988 Grand Marquis hubcaps have a lock on them. You'll need to buy it. The center panel (with the mercury logo) comes out and you'll see a little opening that is flower shaped. That needs to turn to release the hubcap from the lugnuts.

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