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How do you remove a radiator from a 1996 Dodge Dakota?


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Answer to puling radiatorIt is all pretty easy.....1. Remove the 4 bolts from the shroud and push it back towards the engine.2. remove the 4 bolts holding the shroud.3. remove the black guard below the radiator so you can access every thing from below.4. revove the hoses and lower tranny line....(You can leave the top line connected).5. the upper line is the trick...You have to go to autozone and buy what they call a "quick connect tool" to take the tranny line apart....from under the truck,there are tab looking things on one end of the open the tool and place around metal tubing, put the tool iside the quickconnect and tap until you are able to pull the hose apart..6. carefully pull radiator out paying particular attention to the tranny cooler mounted on front of the radiator...

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there are two metal looking lines that screw into the radiator that is the cooling side

Remove the radiator cover the connects to the frame. These are connected by 4 bolts.Unplug the radiator fan.Remove the top two clips that hold the radiator to the fan.Remove the bolts on the sides of the fan.An instructional video explaining how to remove a radiator fan from a 93-97 Dodge Intrepid has been included below.

You have to remove the fuel tank or truck bed to access it.

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I believe on the '96's you open the glove box and remove the screws on the top edge

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you have to remove trans.after trans is removed remove tork.conv.check bushing in front pump you will find that it is bad

The linkage bushing is located under the Crowl grill. Remove wipers and grill.

It is way to the passenger side of the radiator, near the ac comp.

It is on the lower driver side of the radiator.

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nope. 1997 was the year they changed the bodystyle and completely redesigned the dakotas

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