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  1. Disconnect negative battery cable
  2. Remove the air cleaner labeling all hoses as they are disconnected
  3. Disconnect the tv cable at the carburetor/TBI unit
  4. Remove the trans dipstick from the tube
  5. Remove the upper bolt retaining the dipstick tube and separate the tube from the transmission
  6. Raise and support the car on jackstands
  7. Remove the driveshaft
  8. Disconnect the speedometer cable at the transmission
  9. Disconnect the TCC wire connector at the transmission
  10. Remove the torque arm to transmission bracket bolts.CAUTION rear spring force will cause the torque arm to move toward the floorpan when arm is disconnected place a wooden block between the torque arm and floorpan
  11. Loosen the rear torque arm bolts and pull the front of the arm free of the bracket
  12. Remove the catalytic converter/exhaust pipe bracket at the rear of trans
  13. Remove the support bracket bolts at the inspection cover
  14. Remove the bolts retaining the inspection cover and remove the cover
  15. Remove the now exposed converter to driveplate bolts it will be necessary to turn the crankshaft to bring each bolt into view use a wrench on the large bolt at the front of the crankshaft.Mark the relative position of the converter and driveplate with a scribe so they can be reinstalled in the same position.Engage a large screwdriver in the teeth of the driveplate to prevent movement as the bolts are loosened
  16. Use a floorjack and a piece of wood placed between the jack and the trans support the trans and remove the rear mount bolt
  17. Remove the crossmemeber bolts and the crossmember
  18. Lower the transmission as far as possible without causing the engine or trans to contact the firewall then disconect the tv cable assembly and the oil cooler lines at the trans
  19. Support the engine at the oil pan rail with a jack and remove the transmission to engine bolts.The upper bolts should be removed first
  20. Move the trans to the rear and down.If necessary carefully pry it free from the driveplate keep the rear of the trans down at all times to prevent the converter from falling out.The converter can be held in place with a strap
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Q: How do you remove an Automatic transmission in a 1983 Chevy Camaro?
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