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How do you remove and replace a 1999 Chevy Suburban windshield wiper?


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2010-08-15 09:53:31

You lift up the wiper arm and look for a clip to press at the end of the wiper arm. Slide off old wiper blade and clip on the new one. I did them both today and took less than 5 minutes.


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There are some jobs that are best left to the pro's. This is one of them. They replace the windshield for about the same as you would pay for the glass. Why do it yourself when they can do it so much better!?

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are you serious... life blade off windshield, unclip plastic fastener off the center of the wiper arm, remove wiper, replace in reverse order.

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Personally I don't know how to replace a Chevy Blazer windshield, but attached is an article from wikihow that could help you out. If that looks complicated or you can't find the windshield glass check out your local glass shops or websites.

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