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take off the speaker covers on the dash, take out the speakers, remove the bolt from each of the speaker spots. In the middle piece where the two vents are need to come out. Pop out the vents, its kind of tricky so be careful, once you got that done, move attention to the thing that toggles the airflow (you know it shuts off the air completely) on the little nob there is this plastic piece covering the metal piece, just joust it off with your flat head screwdriver. when you move the vent opener in and out you can see in there that there is an Allen wrench hole. then remove the screws that hold the black plastic piece in. then pull her out. you will notice that you can get the instrunment clusture out when you pull. don't. then get the side vents out. pop out the vents then on the inside of the vent housing, you will see some little clasps that hold the vent in. just stick your flat head in and try and pop em out once you got that done you can pull those out. on the drivers side you also have the back dome light switch unplug that so you can get the vent housing out. underneath the glove box there are some Phillips head screws holding in a plastic cover piece. take em out then pull out the cover piece. then there is a bolt all the way to the right that serves as the main bolt pretty much, theres one on the drivers side too. its covered by the door when its closed so open the door and you will see it. on the other side there are these plastic pieces underneath the stearing wheel that cover the screws that hold in the cover piece, just get your flat head in there to pop em out they are easy. then unscrew the screws and take out the main bolt holding the dash on. the cover piece will just hang down but its enough for you to unscrew it. these main bolts are on the side of the dash I hope im clear. Then get the glove box insert out. open the box and clear all your crap out. then there are some little things that hold it in. get your flat head and pop those out not too hard. then pull out the glove box. make sure you let the light hang in through the hole into the glove box. I hope that's it. its pretty much the same thing getting it back in just be careful, I have an 88 and all the little plastic pieces are easy to break, yours is pry worse.

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Q: How do you remove and replace the dashboard of a 1987 Mercedes Benz 190e?
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