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This is the free Microsoft anti-virus line. This is a totally free service that will walk you through the virus removal steps: For support within the United States and Canada, call toll-free (866) PCSAFETY (727-2338).


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You can refer to Symantec website.

The functionality of a registry cleaner is to optimize Windows registry, remove unwanted entries from registry, and fix errors caused by the registry.

You have the find the exact location and manually delete them.

Download registry cleaner first & install it. then u can do scan of your PC which will remove all your windows registry errors.

all viruses get locked into a box do to your firewall and antivirus settings... you can check the settings on there to get rid of it

Yes. All data on the hard drive will be destroyed, including the Windows Registry.

A registry repair is a kind of software utility that allows you to remove unwanted items from the Windows registry. By searching for registry repair on the Internet, plenty of information is available.

I would suggest you remove Media Player 9.0 and reinstall Media Player 10. Removing WMP 9.0 and installing WMP 10.0 probably will not remove the back door CCT trojan. Anti-virus is far more likely to get rid of it.

A Trojan virus you might want to look into how to remove a Trojan in wiki for more info

You can't, this is an integral part of the windows registry. -Jesse

AVG found this virus in a newly downloaded program from PC Tools called "Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus"

If you want to delete backdoor Trojans forever, then you need to take the first step in order to eliminate this troublesome malware: caution. Although many computer users do not take this into consideration. The truth is that without some basic security procedures, your computer will be infested with Trojans; backdoor entrances, after all, are commonplace. However, in order to fight them, it is our duty to know about them. So let's find out first what a Trojan is.

One can download a registry cleaner for Windows XP from PC tools and Iolo. A registry cleaner is downloaded and then it is run to remove suspicious programs and software including irregular key entries and cluttered system files.

A registry cleaner is a piece of software that allows the user to remove unnecessary entries in the Windows Registry. The Windows Registry is a variety of databases that contain the configuration settings for the Microsoft Windows operating systems. The registry cleaner is particularly useful in removing entries that direct the user to files that are no longer there. According to reviews, a program called "CCleaner" is the best registry cleaner that can be downloaded for free.

None. The only way to edit the registry in windows is to start an instance of the command prompt and then enter the word: regedit. Be very careful how you move about in the registry and also don't remove keys unless specifically told to be a qualified technician otherwise you can completely ruin your windows setup.

The Registry holds Windows system information. It can change each time you add or remove software, change your theme, edit the registry, etc. You can edit your registry by opening Command Prompt and typing Regedit.exe: however, do this only if you know what you're doing. Editing and modifying the registry is dangerous and could render your Windows OS unusable, forcing you to restore or reinstall.

Registry error occurs when we fail to uninstall a software n that program leave behind its links.The best way to remove these registry errors is to get windows xp registry cleaner.

cycbot backdoor activity is classified as a malicious computer virus and it can pop up every 5 minutes. I can understand how that would be annoying. With the post ( , i think you can successfully get rid of cycbot backdoor activity.

Did you mean. Registry errors? Yes yu can remove it with the help of registry cleaner which will speed up your pc.

A Trojan Horse is so hard to detect because of the way that many Trojan horses are written. Much like the Trojan horse presented to the Greeks by the Trojans, this deadly piece of programming poses itself like a popular game or a music or something that people want. When it is downloaded, it can become memory resident, meaning that it loads itself into the registry and hard drive and stuff like that.Reason why its so hard to detect is because when a Trojan Horse it written, it usually is designed to kill and processes that are antivirus software processes. For example, Avira Personal Antivirus is called avguard.exe. A simple Trojan horse can automatically detect your antivirus and disable it. If you don't have antivirus to begin with, then that's even worse. Without updatedantivirus software, it is near impossible to detect the latest Trojan Horses, although it can be done.Now onto the reason why its so hard to remove the darn things. When Trojan Horses load themselves into the registry, they are near impossible to find without time and patience. The problems double when you have 20 million things installed on your computer. Everyone of those programs have a registry key, which allow them to be executed. Delete the key, and the program cannot run. A Trojan horse also works in this manner. The huge problem is finding the registry key in between all of the other hundreds of registry keys.If you suspect a registry key might be the Trojan Horse's registry key, then i suggest consulting a professional, or if you can't get a hold of one, send me a message

You can't fix registry errors manually. You can just remove it. Fixing and repairing of errors is only possible with the help of registry cleaners which will not only fix errors but increase efficiency of your PC also.

I don't know if there is a better solution but I think you have to reinstall windows

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