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How do you remove brown stains from the deep end of a vinyl pool?


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2015-07-15 21:16:39
2015-07-15 21:16:39

There is a product on the market that we use with our pool customers. It is called "Stain Out" by Regal Brand. It is best to use when the chlorine is level is below .5 ppm. You add this product by sprinkling directly over the problem area after is has been pre dissolved in a bucket of water. Shortly thereafter you add a "metal out" remover. This product is ideal for treating metal and mineral stains from vinyl, fiberglass, plaster and tile surfaces. For more information contact us at



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I've used Goo Gone to remove stains from vinyl bags before. I would test it on an inconspicuous area first to make sure it doesn't harm the finish. I used it mostly to remove surface stains and dirt, so if your stain is deep into the vinyl it might not work as well.

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If it is a deep scratch you cannot usually remove it. Sometimes if a scratch is somewhat on the surface then a floor stripper might remove its appearance.

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I have a build up of salt on my pool liner in the deep end of my pool, how can I get this broke up to clean my pool.

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Grease are not easy to remove. They are generally with very high specific gravity and makes deep penetration into any fabric it comes in contact. Hence any ordinary agent will not be able to remove its stains. Grease stain removal are made easy with products which are especially made for freeing stubborn stains.

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I have heard that it removes deep stains. It problably removes surface stains too. I have deep stains and crest whitestrips somewhat removed them but im going to bleach them soon.

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