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try a product called CLR or lime-a-way. Available at ***-mart

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Q: How do you remove calcium deposits from the shower?
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How do you clean calcium deposits from a shower head?

CLR calcium lime and rust remover in a dish or glass large enough to submerg the entire head.

Kidney calcium deposits?

can you get calcium deposits in your kidneys

How do you remove calcium deposits from the pool ladder?

CLR. calcium-lime-rust remover at grocery or hardware store

How to clean oil robbed bronze in shower heads?

How can I clean calcium deposits on my oil robberd bronze shower head without any damage to the finish

Remove calcium deposits in iron?

well u would probaby implode

How do you remove calcium deposits from vaporizer?

use CLR or a good lime remover,

How do you remove calcium deposits from hot tubs?

In terms of removing calcium buildup and deposits from hot tubs, there are two products which are very effective. Spa System Flush will remove loose calcium, and calcium from the inside of the pipes and in the spa equipment. TLC works great for cleaning calcium and decaling vinyl liners, tile, fiberglass, and concrete.

What would cause whistling sounds from water valve in shower?

Most probably lime or other mineral deposits inside the valve stem. Remove the shower head and clean off the deposits.

How do you remove calcium deposits out of the actual water?

Well . . . there are no calcium deposits in water, there is only calcium. The deposits happen on things that the water falls on, then dries. What is left is a deposit. To remove the calcium (and magnesium) from water, you run the water through a tank full of little beads of "Filtersord". Most water purifiers use this along with charcoal, which removes bits of dust, and so forth.

What causes calcium deposits in joints?

Calcium deposits can form when a bone is damaged or placed under stress. The calcium deposits can be a result of gout or arthritis.

You have lost hot water pressure in your shower but not in your sinks what would cause this?

A dirty or clogged screen can cause the low water presser remove shower head and clean. If not it could be calcium deposits built up on shower head if so soak shower head in a cleaning solution for several hours if that dose not work buy a new shower head. (note some shower heads have a low flow re-stricter in some cases you can remove this and get more water pressure)

Are calcium deposits alive?

No. Calcium deposits are not alive/ However, deposits of calcium carbonate are often made of the shells of once living, but long ded organisms.

Is toilet cleaner acid or alkali?

Acid, to help remove calcium carbonate and rust deposits.

How do you remove mineral deposits?

One of the most common issues with mineral deposits people experience is the build up of calcium deposits in the body. One alternative healing method for removing the mineral deposits is to drink a mixture of honey, apple cider vinegar, and water until the deposits are removed from the body. The mixture helps to breakdown the excess calcium.

Why is there is a trickle of hot water to shower when the flow is good elsewhere in house?

Did you remove the shower head and check for a flow restrictor or mineral deposits blocking the orifices

Why has water pressure dropped at shower head if you haven't replaced the shower head recently and you don't have a problem with calcium deposits?

Is more water comming out your tub spout? if so change spout

What is the old name for hydrochloric acid which is used to remove calcium carbonate deposits in toilets?

Muratic Acid

What causes calcium deposits?

Calcium deposits in swimming pools is also known as scale. The reason that calcium deposits appear is because the pool water is out of balance. The PH not being an acceptable level is a common cause of calcium buildup.

How do you treat calcium deposits?

The only way to get rid of or treat calcium deposits on your teeth is to go to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned. A regular toothbrush and toothpaste is not strong enough to get rid of the calcium deposits.

Are the calcium deposits alive?


Can you sand blast the calcium deposits with epsom salts?

Yes. This is done quite frequently in cleaning calcium deposits from pool tile.

What can you use to clean off or scrape calcium deposits stained by algae from your pool without ruining the liner?

the way i clean my pool to remove calcium deposits stained by algae is with a sponge and (baking powder 1 cup mixed with1/3 cup of vinegar)

What does it mean when a calcium deposit is found in your kidney?

Parathyroid hormones can cause calcium deposits in the kidney. A urinary tract infection can also cause calcium deposits to appear in the kidneys.

What dissolves calcium deposits?

H2SO4 Sulfuric Acid will disolve Calcium

What color are calcium deposits?

The answer is white, because what are your bones made of? Calcium!