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Drain-O, not the best for the fish or anything for that matter, but cleans just about anything.

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Q: How do you remove dried dye from a bathtub?
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How do I Remove dye stains from resurfaced bath?

How can I remove dye stain in the bath

How do you dye eucalyptus stems?

Eucalyptus dyes quite easily using ordinary clothing dye. The Eucalyptus must be dried out to make the dye take well. Using a deep pot, make the dye according to package directions, then place the dried eucalyptus into the dye, covering it completely. It should take a bit longer than clothing, but the results are lovely.

How do you remove black dye from white jeans?

dye them black

How do you remove red dye from hair?

dye it a different color

How do i unclog a bathtub that has dried paint stuck down in it to let the water drain?

via push it

How do you remove myrth from fiberglass bathtub?

by using "BANG"

Can water filter remove Diesel fuel dye marker?

No, a water filter will not remove the dye from red diesel.

Is it OK to dye cotton with bleach?

Bleach is used to remove color from textiles not to dye them. See related links.Bleach is used to remove color from textiles not to dye them. See related links.Bleach is used to remove color from textiles not to dye them. See related links.Bleach is used to remove color from textiles not to dye them. See related links.

How do you remove red dye from white jeans?

bleach the red dye out.

How can you remove glue from fiberglass bathtub?

You have to NAME the glue before we can answer that.

How do you Remove silicon caulk from enamel bathtub?

To remove silicon caulk from an enamel bathtub, you should use some type of putty knife. You could also use a razor blade.

What does one dye a garment in?

usually in a huge pot were you can boil the water, preferably one without Teflon. or in the bathtub

How do you remove dried blood from hair?

My scalp staples were removed yesterday. I have lots of dried blood on my hair and scalp. What do I use to remove this?

How do you make green lima beans out of white dried lima beans?

food dye

Can you dye your hair if it has hair spray in it?

no,your has to be washed and thoroughly dried it wont come out as nice.

How do you dye over hair dye on eyebrows?

you can only dye them darker than the color there dyed, color will not remove color.

How do you remove permanent hair dye?

if the dye is on fabric it will be there forever, in your hair, it will fade and grow out.

How do you remove cues voodoo spell?

Bathe in a bathtub full of mansauce.

How do you remove hair dye frommoak wood?


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Can anything remove hair dye from fabric?

I've used hair spray to remove hair dye from the carpet. Not sure about anything else though.

What is the best way to remove latex paint from your bathtub?

with white spirit. (its a fact)

Can you Remove blue dye transfer from yellow sweatshirt?


How do you remove hair dye from a mirror?

Wipe it off