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1.Fill pot, pail, or machine with the hottest water possible.
2.Put item in water for 3 minutes.
3.Add soda ash while stirring / Pulse Agitate for 15 - 30 minutes. (Pot = 1/8 cup, Pail = ½ cup, Washing machine = 1 cup)

5.Repeat if necessary

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How do i get stains out of clothes that bled in washer?

If the colors of your clothes bled in the washer, don't put them in the dryer. The dryer will set the dye into the clothes. Take the lightly colored items that were stained by the bleeding dye and put them back into the washer without detergent on a hot water cycle.

Does pine-soil bring out mascara from laundry?

Yes, but it can also remove the dye from your clothes so be sure to test it before you wash your favorite top in Pine-Sol.

How do you dye clothes on pixie hollow?

You Have to be a Pixie Hollow Member to dye clothes, then you can go to any dye shop and dye your clothes, but you will have to have ingredients to buy and dye your clothes. :)

How do you remove stains from white enamel radiators caused by clothes dye?


How do you remove red dye stains from a white and red dress that has bled on itself?

Have you tried Vanish? The pink thing... It helped me many times!

How do you remove a purple dye stain that resulted from washing a purple tye dyed shirt that bled on other clothing in the wash?

just leave it alone

How do you dye clothes in pixie hollow the dye are from the level 2 or 1?

You have to be a member in order to dye clothes.

Why does dark laundry come out with white?

The dye in dark clothing comes out regardless of the presences of white clothing. When a dark item is dyed, the manufacturer sets the dye to make sure that it stays on the fabric, but some of the dye doesn't set. When this item is washed, some of that un-set dye may come off and redeposit itself on surrounding clothes. If the dye redeposits on a dark item, the dye will not be visible, but if the dye redeposits on a white item, the dye will change the color. It is generally not permanent, but sometimes the heat of the dryer can set the newly redeposited dye into clothes.

How to remove clothes dye from enamel radiator?

To remove clothes dye from an enamel radiator, put a small amount of bleach on a cotton swab and rub the stain gently. Wipe away the bleach residue with a damp cloth. You can also try using rubbing alcohol if the bleach does not work.

How do you repair faded clothes?

Simply get a fabric dye that is the colour your clothes were. Follow the instructions and dye!

How can a nonmember fairy on pixie hollow dye clothes?

to dye your clothes you have to go to the dye shop and select the clothing and pay 1 pixie diamond to dye your clothing.

How do you remove stains from table clothes when bleach will not work?

If bleach will not remove the stains from your tablecloth, the stains will not come out. One way to save the tablecloth would be to dye it a different color. You can find dye at any craft store or supermarket.

How do you put the word dye in a sentence?

I like to dye my clothes

How do I Remove dye stains from resurfaced bath?

How can I remove dye stain in the bath

Can you wash darks and whites together?

You might be able to get away with it once or twice, but overall, it is better that you do not. The dyes in clothes come out in the laundry water in small amounts. That is why clothes fade over time. If you are washing lights and darks together, when those dark dyes come out in the laundry water, they are going to be soaked up by the lighter clothes. Eventually, your lighter clothes will start to look pretty dingy, and since it is dye, you won't be able to do much about it.

How do you wash dye out of clothes?

When washing dye out of clothes, your objective is to remove the stain before it gets into the laundry. There are three steps:Blot as much of the stain as possible with a clean, dry paper towel. Rinse it as thoroughly as you can.Pretreat the stain using a commercial pretreatment. Popular brands of pretreatments in the United States are OxyClean and Shout. Follow the directions on the package.If steps one and two did not remove the stain, figure out if it is safe to bleach that article of clothing. If it is, soak the entire garment in bleach. If after 15 minutes of bleach soaking the stain remains, it is probably not going to wash out.

How do you dye clothes?

How do you re-dye navy blue clothing that has gotten bleach on it?

How do you remove clothes dye from vinyl?

Nothing like new swimsuits to wreck your nice seats :( I use mechanic's hand cleaner or soft cleanser and it seems to work fairly well if caught soon enough. Redo by fuller brush takes dye out of white clothes.

How long do you leave clothes in dye?

Generally, between 10 to 30 minutes is how long you leave clothes in dye. The longer you leave the clothing in the dye the more color the fabric will take in.

Why does bleach turn your whites pink?

First of all, bleach does NOT turn your whites pink. Red dye does. So if there was anything in that load of laundry that was red...that is what caused it. No it isn't a myth, red clothes actually do that.

How do you remove dye stains that got in your clothes from laundering them?

Don't put it in the dryer or iron it before treating the stain if it can be helped. Heat helps set the dye stain in further. If it is too late for that, no worries. You can still try to save it. RIT dye makes a dye remover. You add it to a sinkful of hot water and hand wash the stained item. When you are done, you throw it in the washer and it is usually fine. They make a separate remover for red dyes that have bled in the wash. I have used it before and it worked great for me. It was simple and there was no trace of the red dye stain left when I was done. I recall it ran somewhere around $2 or 3 US.

How do you dye clothes in a front-loading washing machine?

You dye clothes in a washing machine by buying the packets of dye at a store and then you pour it in and then you let it set and voila it is dyed after you tale it out and dry it.

How do you remove colur stains from clothes?

Things stain fabric in different ways, so there is no single right answer. If you know what type of stains you have, you can wash it out more effectively.Proteins should be rinsed in cold water, never hot.With a dye stain you may have to consider bleaching the clothes if they are color-safe or white.Other stains come out easily, just throw them in the laundry like you normally do.

What kind of clothes do the pamlico Indians wear?

they wore clothes with blue dye on them

How do you remove black dye from white jeans?

dye them black