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Q: How do you remove hjc sy-max helmet visor?
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Where could I get a HJC branded helmet?

HJC helmets can be purchased online at They carry a large variety of HJC brand helmets. If you prefer to purchase an HJC helmet in person, locations for authorized dealers of HJC Helmets can be found on the HJC Helmet website HJC

Where are HJC helmets manufactured?

HJC branded motorcycle and off road helmets are manufactured in LaHabra, California. HJC Helmets are rated as one of the top helmet manufactures, with high ratings in the safety and stability of the helmet in a crash.

How safe is a hjc motorcycle helmet dot snell90?

If the helmet has decals from both the DOT and SNELL, it will exceed the minimum safety requirements of the US Govt.

Where can one purchase a HJC helmet online?

Motorcycle Superstore, Leather Up, and Helmet City are three online stores that sell a wide variety of HJC helmets for men, women and children. Amazon will also have a decent selection, but the item may come from a third-party seller. One can also check an online auction site like eBay, but be very careful not to purchase a helmet that is used and has an unverifiable history.

Does a HJC helmet provide your head with protection against anything?

No. Even dropping the helmet could cause a crack. You are not even supposed to spray any insect spray near or around it so that the foam or any other part of the helmet is not damaged. Like any other equipment, there will always be a risk.

What kind of plastics are helmets made out of?

This helmet is considered to be one of the best: = HJC HX10 Auto Racing Carbon Helmet = Carbon Fiber materials are known for their strength, durability and light-weight, that is why HJC has chosen the most technologically advanced Carbon Fiber materials for the new HX-10 Carbon full-face auto racing helmet. Super-Lightweight, Full Application, Carbon Fiber Shell Construction. Meets or exceeds SNELL SA2005. Plush, removable & washable Nomax Interior. Double D-ring retention system. Advanced ACS ventilation system. HANS

Where are HJC motorcycle helmets made?

In a factory

What is common normal in gears?

Helmet: HJC, Arai, Shoei, Nolan (fit is the most important thing)Gloves: HeldPants: Aerostich, Joe Rocket, Draggin Jeans, Tourmaster, FirstGearJackets: Aerostich, Joe Rocket, Tourmaster, FirstGearBoots:Suit:

What motorcycle helmets does Leather Up sell?

Leather Up sells an assortment of helmet styles and brands. Their merchandise includes; Outlaw, Hawk, Bell, HJC, Scorpion, Shoei, Xelement, Speed & Strength,Nexx, Nolan, GMax, Arai, and Modular Helmets.

Where can I find information on HJC helmets?

I would recommend you look for this information right on the HJC website, located at There is a great deal of information on all the different kinds of helmets available.

What brands of motorcycle gear are recommended?

Here's the non-exhaustive list of opinions from Timberwoof in his Motorcycle FAQ: * Helmet: HJC, Arai, Shoei, Nolan (fit is the most important thing) * Gloves: Held * Pants: Aerostich, Joe Rocket, Draggin Jeans, Tourmaster, FirstGear * Jackets: Aerostich, Joe Rocket, Tourmaster, FirstGear * Boots: Redwing * Suit: Aerostich

What brand of motorcycle helmet is recommended as best?

* In the opinion of Timberwoof of Timberwoof's Motorcycle FAQ: HJC, Arai, Shoei, or Nolan. He notes, "The best helmet for you is one that you can afford, that fits, and that you'll wear every time you get on the motorcycle. A $100 Snell and DOT rated helmet is just as safe as a $500 one ... but not as comfortable on long trips. Get a good helmet and wear it always." * Although pricey, many consider Bell to be top of the line. * Many higher end helmets (Arai, Shoei, Suomy) include a removable/washable liner and/or removable cheekpads which aid comfort and a safe and snug fit. You are safer in a helmet that fits properly, and many people wear helmets sized too large thinking it's more comfortable, but safety is compromised. Look for a helmet with a good face shield latching system (typical of the higher end, but not exclusive to just the pricey helmet brands). And while helmets with chin bars (called "full face" helmets) are slightly more restrictive than "open face" helmets, they offer much more facial/skeletal protection and should bear much consideration when you're helmet shopping. * Don't forget that different helmets are made out of different materials. For example, some helmets are a polycarbonate/kevlar combination. This can help increase safety and rigidity. As mentioned above, get the helmet that fits you the best and that is of the highest quality (in many ways the most expensive that you can afford).