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If it is just a small amount, cut it with a craft knife with the blade almost parallel to the drywall. You will have to mud over the cut.

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Q: How do you remove liquid nail from drywall?
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Can you sand the drywall to remove the liquid nail residue enough to tile over?

There should be no Liquid Nail residue on drywall . If there is a considerable quantity of it, it's easier to cut the board out and replace it .

Will drywall liquid nail glue particle board to drywall?

It will, but PL Premium is better

How do you remove liquid nail from Sheetrock?


How do you remove liquid nails from painted doors?

use aliqid nail remover

How do you remove Liquid Nail from in between tiles on a bathroom wall?

take the tiles out and remoce the nail or you could use a chisel

How do you attach artificial stone to drywall?

You first nail a mesh foundation onto the drywall, then attach the stone with a thinset mortar.

How do you remove address numbers on a house that have been affixed with liquid nails?

Easy. If the nail glue says it can get removed by acetone buy a acetone nail varnish remover

Is it necessary to remove contaminated wood and drywall after hive removal?

No, it isn't . The wood and drywall are NOT contaminated.

How do you remove venetian plaster from drywall?

There is no effective way to do this without destroying the surface of the drywall. It is more cost-effective to simply replace the drywall.

How can you remove countertops put on with liquid nail?

You can remove your countertops by prying upward on the countertop. Begin at one end of the countertop and work towards the opposite end.

How do you remove Liquid Nail from your hands?

Try fingernail polosh remover, a product called goop-off, or mineral spirits.

How do you remove rat urine from drywall?

Rat urine will actually saturate the drywall. Drywall is very porous. The best bet is to cut out and replace that section.