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How do you remove poster putty from hair?


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peanut butter or any cooking out peanut oil best for removing anything from hair


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It removes peanut butter so why wouldn't it remove silly putty?

A popular homemade rememdy to separate putty from hair is using peanut butter or mayonnaise.

The thing that I found most useful was to take a piece of painters masking tape and putting it over the putty and pressing it into the putty and pulling it off. In some cases if there is not a semi gloss on the walls and there will still be a dark circle from the moisture of the putty and the only solution to that is to paint over the spots After you remove all you can with a putty knife or masking tape, use a little Greased Lightning (it's an all purpose cleaner) on an old bath cloth. It worked like a charm for me! No mark left on the wall at all!

Put putty under outer edge of faucet base and fasten to sink. Remove excess putty after fastening faucet.

rubbing alcohol put it on a cloth and rub in circles the putty will eventualy come off

Eat the Mold then sit on the poster without touching it

Soften it will fingernail polish remover and scrape with a putty knife. It should come off relatively easy.

Take it too a dry cleaner. They know.

You can get a poster putty stain off of walls by mixing vegetable and mineral oil together, then applying it to the stain using paper towels. Wipe the wall using a bit of pressure. When the stain has gone, you can get rid of the oily residue by wiping the area with a sponge that has been dipped into a warm soapy solution.

i think you add penut butter or something because i tried to get some silly putty from my vest

use a hair dryer set on high, direct the flow onto the old glazing, when soft remove it with a putty knife, then replacing glaze, work it with your fingers till it softens, form a rope about the size of a pencil, then gentley push it into place ,then use a putty knife to smooth it out,

You can buy the Hair-o-Sniff Poster at Horrods on Moshi Monsters. You must be at least level 15 to buy the poster. You must be a paid Moshi Member to access Horrods.

how dfo you remove theraputty from hair

How can you remove the ash tone from hair

Assuming you mean the stuff in the small black container, Axe is the brand name, and putty is just a type of hair product. They recommend using it for spikes (works very well!)

There is no way to remove drug traces from your hair. This is why hair is tested for the drugs.

Found this at another site: * First, using a putty knife, dig out the old glazing and scrape it away. * Roll out the glazing putty into strips between your hands to soften it. * Press the glazing putty all the way around the frame of the glass. * Finally, smooth out the glazing compound with a putty knife and remove the excess.

You can freeze it with a ice cube and then scrape it off with a putty knife.

My dad used a putty knife to scrape it off and it didn't break.

To remove old door weather stripping on a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix, just pull it up and off the track. If it needs a little nudge, heat it with a hair dryer and then pull up using a putty knife.

Slide a putty 2" or so putty knife into the left and right side to release the clips that hold a double DIN radio. You will have to do some prying and coaxing to get it out.

You could try freezing the area with ice and then chipping away the Silly Putty. However, it's my experience that once it's set in clothes and carpet, it's pretty much permanent.

use a red based color and apply it to your hair color formula or to remove some of the green in your hair but it will not remove all, wash ur hair with ketchup, it actually works !

Depending on how much hair you want to remove, it can cost anywhere from $100 to $2000 to remove hair.

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