Volvo 240

How do you remove rear seats in 1991 Volvo 240 sedan?

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2010-09-23 15:06:49

The seat bottoms have two metal loops at the leading edge that

fit into hooks on the floor of the car. One at a time, push down on

the seat bottom above the loop, push back on the loop with a

screwdriver, prybar or stick. Then pull up on the seat front. The

bottom should then just come out.

For the seat back, there are long tabs welded to the body just

below the bolster by the door, exposed now that you have the bottom

removed. Unbend them so they no longer hold the bottom of the seat

back. Pull the bottom toward you slightly to free it, and then push

up on the seat back, hard. I found I had to pound upward with my

fist in the hole left by folding down the arm rest. Pulling up

frees the back from the hooks that hold the top.

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