How do you remove seat on 08 sportster 1200?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How do you remove seat on 08 sportster 1200?
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What is the correct tire pressure for 2008 1200 sportster low?

I don't have the owners manual for my '08 but someone told me with an '08 the manual says 30psi for front(both solo & w/passenger); 36psi for rear solo, 40psi w/ passenger

What is the best octane to put into an 08' sportster 883L?

The best octane to put into an 08 Sportster 883L is 91 or higher, according to its manual. This will result to an average 50 mpg.

Harley 883 torque setting?

Torque settings for the 11 screws that secure the transmission cover on an 08 sportster

How do you remove the rear seat in an 08 Mitsubishi galant?

Get your self situated in front of the seat and on the right and left respectively reach under the forward edge and give it a good pull straight up. Then pull it to you and it's out! The tabs in the front of the seat are pressure fit

How do you turn off seat belt chime in a 08 endeavor?

Wear your seat belt

How much horsepower does a 2009 Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster have?

The Horsepower figures are not published for any of the motor company's engines, however the xl1200 line seems to average out around 75 horsepower from published dyno runs, and during the 08 ad campaign for the claimed Hp for the Xr1200 was at 91, unless of course you live in India then apparently the Hp for the Sportster 883 is nearly 70. whether or not this is true for Sportsters sold that are euro 3 or epa leagel I do not know.

Will a seat from a 2009 street glide fit a 2006 street glide?

No, The 08/09 Street Glide change it's frame and as a consequence the 08/09 seats fit into a tongue rather than pre 08 having a tongue fitted to the seat.

Can seat belt chime be deactivated on 08 Silverado?

Yea The pigtail conecting the two wires should be in the little hub on the floor were the end of the seat belt goes into.

How do you remove the ignition switch on a 08 Kia Optima?

how do you remove an ignition switch from an 07 kia optima

How do you disable the seat belt beep on 08 accord?

look under the seat near the seatbelt coming thru the carpet and unplug the wiring should only be 2 wires, don't unplug your electric seat if so equiped

How do you remove the interior of and 08 silverado ext cab?

just unbolt it

Will a 04 crf seat fit a 08 crf?

no the overall look is just bad lookin not a good idea!