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frequently drink warm water and exercise.

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Does penicillin remove marijuana from the human body?

No it does not.

Why does the human defecate?

To remove waste materials from its body

What does respiratory system remove from the human body?

carbon dioxide

Why accumulation of oxalate is not beneficial to human or animal?

Because oxalate accumulation causes stone formation in human body

What happens if you get to much calcium in the human body?

If you get too much calcium in the body, you can get sick, or possibly a kidney stone.

How do you remove quicksilver from the human body?

You can't. It stays in the human body all of your life in every blood cell you own and without it you will die.

Does the marijuana remove the sodium from the human system?

No. Sweating, urinating and crying remove the access sodium from your body.

What organs remove solid waste from the human body?

large intestine

What is the effect of diamond stone on a human body?

The only visible effect is one of adornment.

When doctors remove body parts from human patients where do the body parts go?

either in a furnace or are transplanted

What does eviscerated mean?

To remove a vital part as removing an organ from the human body.

Why does the human body remove waste products?

i dont know but i love pie

Why is there such a large percentage of carbon in the human body?

There is a lot of carbon in the human body because it is the essential element for living organisms. It bonds with other elements and substances to remove waste from the body.

What benefit is calcium for the human body?

Calcium benefits your body by making your bones stronger. This item calcium is on the periodic table and calcium turns into stone when it hits a bone. When it turns to stone it helps support it.

Is epsom salt can remove a gallbladder stone?

Does epsom salt remove gallbladder stone??

What are the ways on how you removed fast the marijuana in the body?

There are no ways to remove marijuana from the human body quickly. The best way to keep it out of a body is not to partake in its consumption.

What is the medical term meaning surgical incision into a ureter to remove a stone?

Uterterolithotomy is surgical incision into a ureter to remove a stone.Ureterolithotomy is surgical incision into the ureter to remove a stone.

How do you remove salt from human body?

Reduce sodium intake in your diet, and drink a lot of water.

Why is sleep important to the human body?

Sleep is important to human body because it helps us regenerate our cells to stay young and healthy. It also help us remove toxic wastes.

What was the name of the creature sculpted in stone that has the body of a lion and the head of a human?

i think you're thinking of the chimera.

How do you remove sweat smell from human body?

I would suggest a bath or shower.

Why do you remove seeds from tomato?

Because tomato seeds are difficult to digest and it is said that tomato seeds promote stone formation in the body.

If you have a human body and human testicles and human organs are you human?

Yes - if you have a human body you are human.

What is thread like structure in human body?

Epididymis is the very long 'single' thread like structure in your body. It is very interesting to remove this thread from the body in dissection hall.

Can kidney stone removed by laser?

can laser remove kidney stone