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How do you remove the battery from a 1995 Vauxhall Vectra DI?


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Remove padded cover from battery, sometimes you have to slide relays up out the way, depending on model. Locate 13mm bolt at front and remove, battery will lift out. To stop the alarm sounding turn the ignition on while removing battery.


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For this job you need an angle gauge to attach to your socket bar,they are available for about

Remove the driver side front wheel, remove the inner fender liner, remove the tie down bracket, remove the battery cables and then the battery

I think you have to remove the driver's side front tire and the battery is up in front of that. Believe it or not!

to remove the battery in the 95 grand prix you have to remove the the cross member bar(i think a 7/16 socket will fit the bolts) that is above the windshild wiper fluid bottle and battery once you remove the bar then remove the windshield wiper fluid bottle, after that you can remove the battery i also have a 95 grand prix and had to remove the battery twice before and that is what i had to do to get to the battery.

The battery is under the washer fluid container. You must remove this and then the small cross member to get to the nut which holds the battery. It is easier to remove the left front fender liner and access the battery there.

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Remove the positive cable from your 1995 Saturn battery. Remove the cables from the starter. Remove the starter retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new starter.

Remove the positive cable from your 1995 Nissan Pathfinder battery. Remove the cables from the front of the starter. Remove the starter retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new starter.

Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery, remove the two bolts from the starter, drop the starter enough to disconnect the wires from it and remove the starter from the engine.

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ask that @ a BMW shop i had the same prod with mine

Disconnect battery. Label and remove wires. Remove the mounting bolts and remove starter. Installation is reverse of about procedure.

AnswerFirst thing you do is pop the hood and take the pos and neg cables off carefully of the battery then pull it.

Remove the negative battery cable fromthe battery and let it set for about 30 minutes.


follow the positive battery cable and remove the two bolts 17mm

Remove the neg. battery cable for about a minute and then re-install

first you have to remove the reservoir for the windshield washer fluid then you should be able to get at it. its right underneath that reservoir. atleast that is where it is on mine

Begin by removing the positive cable from your 1995 Saab battery. Remove the cables from the front of the starter. Remove the starter retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install your new starter.

Just had one out on a 1995 to 2000 model vectra. To take off the plastic on the steering colum remove 3 screws underneath and 2 with plastic caps on, behind the wheel, so turn it to get at them. the steering ajuster stalk can also unscrew. carefully pry open the plastic with a screwdriver. The indicator stalk has 2 clips that let you slide it out sideways, and another two clips to remove the plug, whitch you will again need to leaver with a screwdriver. now you can put the new one in and put it all back together

they are 2 totally different mdels. Vectra B is from 1995 till 2002, and was upgraded in 1999. Vectra C/Signum is the latest model from 2002 till 2008, and then you of course the newest Vectra D introduced early tis year.

To restart your computer simply remove the positive terminal from the battery for 5 minutes.

disconnect the battery, remove the bolt in the center of the pulley, then use a harmonic balancer tool to remove it

Disconnect the battery. Remove the ignition coils. Remove the ignition control module that was under the coils, and replace it.

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