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How do you remove the bolt on the Winchester 69a?


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Open the bolt, hold the trigger back, pull the bolt out

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Try Numrich Gunparts. I have one of their catalogs and it has all sorts of parts for the Winchester Model 69A.AnswerTry eBay i have bought several, remember models 69a and 75 are the samr bolt

I just started looking to buy a Winchester 69a .22 for Christmas. I typed in Winchester 69a and Winchester 22 rifle into Google & had all sorts of hits for Winchester guns & PARTS. Type it in and look. I am sure you will be able to find it. Happy hunting!

The Winchester model 69A is a pre-serial number firearm and as such does not have one.

Try I have an extra Winchester model 69a/75 and i guess it fits the 57 bolt just contact me if your interested in purchasing or trading

Try gun shops, gun shows, want ads,

Winchester did not serialize the model 69,69A.I can say that the model 69A was made during the years 1935-1963,with a total production of 355,000.

try Popperts. i am sending bolt parts back for the 69a... the firing pin, sleeve, and end cap for the bolt. 215-887-2391.

Usually the difference between series like this is listed "minor improvements" but this time I actually found something in the Blue Book of Gun Values. "The Model 69 was cocked by the closing motion of the bolt and had a non-swept back bolt handle, whereas the 69A was cocked by the opening motion of the bolt and had a swept back bolt handle."

In order to answer your question correctly i would need for you to post your serial number in this question.That is the only way to date your Winchester model 69A.

Remove the stock and you will see what is keeping the bolt from sliding out.

Winchester never made such a weapon as you ask about.

Up to just shy of 2 miles.

Do a search for Winchester Model 69A ammo clip 10 round and you'll find multiple availability...mostly in the $30 and up range...readily available...

Model 69A of Winchester was first introduced in November 1937. All 69 models were manufactured without serial numbers and production was stopped with to replacement model.

Recommend you leave this to a trained gunsmith.

The bolts are always polished and may look like they're chrome, but the give-away will be the bolt handle. The bolt handle should be blued. If the handle is chromed, the gun has been modified, they didn't come in chrome.

Sometime between 1937 - 1963. Winchester did not serialize the Model 69/69A, therefore it is not possible to determine a precise year of manufacture.

No serial numbers were assigned to the model 69 and 69A. The 69 was introduced in 1935 and the 69A in 1937, so the 69 may well have been made in one of the first 3 years. Don Schimpff Redding, CA the 69a production was ceased in 1963

Pull the bolt up and back, then while squeezing the trigger pull the bolt out the back of the receiver. Put it back in the reverse order.

well, I'm not much of a gun person, but I'm sitting here with my Winchester 69A. Just playing with it a little, you can only engage the safety when the gun is cocked. The safety is in the "fire" position when it is in the forward position and it is in the safe position when pulled back.

Simple as Pie. (or PI). Remove the buttplate screws and buttplate. Unscrew the buttstock Bolt, all the way, with a LONG screwdriver, remove the bolt and slide off the stock.

There is no serial number but the dates of manufacture were 1937-1963 for the 69A. Mine has short, long, and long rifle spelled out, ans some that I've seen(later years?) have this abreviated.

i have the same gun, IT was just handed down to me from my step father. I have been trying to find info on the net but havent had much luck. I have read that the Winchester model 69a was manufacturered between 1937 and 1960s. but i have also read that they stopped making them in the 50s.MarkAnswerThe 69 and 69A were manufactured from 1935 to 1963. Since they were not serialized, you will not be able to find the exact year of manufacture.

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