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The seat cushion has wire clips on both sides.Face the cushion head-on,grab each side and squeese towards center while pulling.

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Q: How do you remove the bottom seat cushion from the seat frame on a 1981 Corvette?
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How do you remove the seat cushion from the seat frame on a 1994 Corvette?

Put your head down in the footwell and look at the bottom (center) of the seat. You will see a small silver wire about 3" long. Push this wire down and back toward the back of the seat, when it pops down simply pull the seat cushion up.

How do you remove the seat from a C4 Corvette?

the easy way is to un clip the seat the clip is located under the front seat cushion by filcking the wire clip back its a wire clip lift cushion off then there are four bolts which unbolts seat to frame you will need to unplug wiring for seat motor you will see when you remove cushion then lift seat out

How do you remove 1995 Corvette seat?

To remove the seats from a 1995 Corvette, you will need to remove the front and rear nuts from the seat frame studs. You will?æalso need to remove the lug wrench that is attached to the seat frame studs.

How do you remove the seat frame of a 1981 corvette?

If you are talking about removing the entire seat ther are 4 bolts on the undercarraige that fasten it. One side is bolt from bottom.

Can you replace a 1969 Corvette frame with a 1974 Corvette frame?


Do you have to remove engine from the bottom of a Oldsmobile sillhouette?

Yes. You remove both engine and transaxle with the sub-frame at the same time out the bottom.

How do you change rear speakers on 2000 Buick Regal?

You have to remove the bottom rear seat cushion by pulling up and out at the same time, then remove rear seat back by removing 2 bolts that hold it to frame. Rear shelf can be removed to gain access to speakers.

Is a 1974 frame the same as a 1975 frame in a Corvette?

No, the 1974 Corvette frame is NOT the same as a 1975 Corvette frame. I have had customers modify it to fit, but you would have to change the rear kick up or adapt a 75 and above rear bumper assembly to make it work.

How do you remove the back seat of 97 ford escort lx?

On the bottom, where the cushion fits into the frame there are 2 clips. 1 on each side about 6 inches from the side panel. Lift up and push the clips fairly hard.

Will a 2000 Corvette engine fit in a 1989 Corvette?

if you modify the frame it will

Can you put 1973 Corvette body on 1979 Corvette frame?


How can you remove take out bearings from a BMX frame with a 'mid' bottom bracket without damaging them?

You can remove bearings from a BMX frame with a 'mid' bottom bracket without damaging them using a 3/8s rachet extension.

How do you remove the backseat in your 1995 Buick Skylark?

Remove the seat cushion retaining bolts, detach the seat cushion and remove it up and out from the vehicle. Remove the rear seat back retaining bolts at the bottom of the seat back. Pull up then out to disengage the upper frame from the hangers and remove seat back from the vehicle. Installation is the reverse of removal. Courtesy: Haynes GM repair Manual #38025. You can probably find a copy of it on Amazon or eBay cheap.

Where is the right motor mount located on an 86 corvette Thanks?

== == On the passenger's side of the engine down near the bottom mounted to the frame.

How do you remove the fuel tank from a 1986 corvette you lossened up everything but the frame rails seem to be in the way to drop the tank?


Can you fit a 1976 Corvette body on a 1980 Corvette frame?

Yes, the same frame and basic underpinnings were used for that whole generation. The C3 (1968-1982).

Where is the serial number on an RG31?

The serial number for an RG Industries Model RG 31 revolver is located on the frame at the bottom of the grip. To find it, remove the grip and look at the bottom of the exposed frame.

Do Corvette bodies rust?

The fiberglass panels won't but the frame can.

How do you remove a sliding glass door?

: I found a way to fix the Door.. Raise the door and swing the Bottom edge over the track edge and into the room. With the door removed set it horzontal with the Bottom of the Door supported on the edges. You will remove the Bottom of the Door frame by first removing the two Long screws that attach the Bottom to the Two sides of the door. Do not remove the sides from the Glass, Just Loosen and remove the Long Screws. : On one side the Long Philips head screw is Obvious; On the other side it is Hidden in a Hole that may have a Rubber bumper plug. Wiggle the Bottom frame up and down to Loosen it from the rubber gasket along the Bottom of the Glass. : Once you get the Bottom Off the Door you will find at each end a Pair of Rollers in a Cartridge inside the Door frame. There is a single fastening Screw holding the Cartridge in the Bottom frame. Remove the Fastening screws and slide the roller cartridge out. : I found replacement Cartridges at the local BIG Box Hardware store.

How do you remove the upper control arm bolts on a 71 corvette when they are rusted to the frame. The engine is still in the car and the clearance behind the bolt is minimal?

Torches & burn them off

How do you remove the license plate from the back of your Corvette C5 without cracking the license plate frame?

For the rear plastic one, insert a thin blade screwdriver in the slots(two on each side of the frame about 1" from the top/bottom)and push back the tab while applying pressure to pull the frame away from the license plate. There are 4 snap tabs on the frame that just need to be pushed back to disengage from the body slots. Be carefull, they're not very sturdy. This was from another reader, It worked great. Thanks

How do you change speakers on a 2001 Saturn L200?

assuming you plan to change the speakers on the frond doors, remove the bottom screws on the door frame (they should be facing up), then remove the bottom half of the door panel. Unscrew the stock speakers and replace them with new ones. Then put the door frame back on the door.

What are the vin loation on a 1973 corvette frame?

locate on left a piller

How do you find serial number on ruger security six?

You may need to remove grips- stamped on bottom the the frame (butt)

Can you put 1969 Corvette body on 1974 Corvette frame?

69had chrome bumpers, 74 had rubber, end of frames are a little different.