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How do you remove the cambelt cover on a laguna?

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Depends which laguna you have?

2010-12-28 22:44:00
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How do you remove drivers' side light cover in boot of Renault Laguna?

How to remove drivers' side light cover

How often does a cambelt need to be changed on a Renault laguna?

every 70000 miles

Cost of Renault laguna v6 cambelt change?

3.0 litre V6 will cost £1100 to replace

How do you take your front bumper off your Renault laguna 02?

remove laguna bumper

How do you remove heater control panel for Renault laguna?

how do you heater control for renault laguna 1999 thanks

How do you change a cam sensor on vauxhall vectra?

Youll need to remove the air box if its on a vectra B. Then remove the cambelt cover. There should be a bolt between the cam pullies, undo it and left out sensor.Then put everything back in reverse

How can you manually open the front door of a Renault laguna when electronic key is not working?

is it laguna ll if so pull key card at top and bottom and inside is key. on passenger side door there is cover on the handle which hides key hole. under cover there is a small hole , use key to remove cover and there is your key hole. to lock car after just press door lock in centre console and close passenger door. if mark l laguna sorry i cant help.

Where is the thermostat located on a Opel Corsa 130i?

Not sure about this particular engine,but have a look along the top radiator hose,if it fastens to a stub pipe which disappears behind the cambelt cover then it's the same as our 1.2i.To get at it, involves removing the front cambelt cover. Then the belt itself,followed by the rear belt cover.

How do you drain oil in a Renault laguna?

Remove nut from bottom of sump.

How do you change the camshaft sensor on a Vectra 1.8 16v r reg?

Remove the ignition cable cover from top of engine,then detach the wiring plug from the sensor. Remove the front cambelt cover and you can see the single bolt which holds the sensor in place. Undo this and pull the sensor out upwards.Refit in reverse order,do not overtighten the sensor bolt.(torque 6Nm)That was a great help. I just completed this procedure myself as an absolute novice but for a 2001 Vectra 2.2 l the procedure is slightly more involved. The cam sensor (Part no 90458252 made by Siemens) can be replaced as above but in order to remove the cambelt cover you need to detach the sub frame that hold up the engine.Place a jack underneath the engine sump with a block of wood and jack up the engine several turns (Don't lift the entire car!). This will remove the pressure off the sub frame.The sub frame is bolted with 3 bolts to the engine through the Cambelt cover. Remove these bolts. Take it slowly and adjust the jack if pressure on the bolts is high.The cambelt cover itself is attached by two bolds as far as I can see and a clip on the top. Remove these. This will allow you to pull back the cambelt cover far enough to access a small bolt that holds the cam sensor in place.Undo this bolt. Now the cam sensor can be pulled up from the top. Once the cam sensor is removed you can undo the wiring. This is different from the above description because the plug is help in place by a spring clip. Also make sure to attach the plug and locking clip before you insert the cam sensor.

How do you remove a selector shaft from a Renault laguna gear box?

Because of some french idiots, you have to remove the gearbox. And to remove the gearbox... omg

How do you change corsa thermostat?

You don't give the engine size,so I will assume you have a 1.2 and you want to change the thermostat,but can't see it? This job involves removing the cambelt front cover, the cambelt and bottom pulley, finally the rear cambelt cover. You should now be able to see the 'stat housing on the front of the head. Just unbolt it, remove and replace the 'stat, draining the coolant before of course. I always recommend you check your mileage and if anywhere near belt change time, save yourself some time and money, do it while in bits. Some people have cut the rear cover and bent it out the way, it can be done like this but is not such a good job.

What does a Peugeot 307 have a cambelt or chain?


How often does a cambelt need to be changed on Renault laguna 1.8?

been told arox 70000 miles was told mine had been changed when i brought it at 73000 but but then went at 86000 so i guess not

Is it easy to remove a thermostat from your vauxhall astra estate?

It depends which engine is fitted. The 1.4/1.6 petrol engines require removal of the cambelt cover and cam belt to gain access to the thermostat. This in my opinion is not a job to be tackled lightly. One mistake replacing the belt could mean a trashed engine!!!! The 1.8 petrol engine is quite a bit easier as the thermostat housing pokes out from the side of the cambelt cover. Sorry, don't know about the 2.2 petrol or the diesels.

Where is the camshaft position sensor located on a Isuzu trooper?

the camshaft sensor is at the front of the engine next to the radiator, it is held on with one 10mm bolt and is in the middle of the plastic cambelt cover (this does not need to be removed). unclip wire remove bolt and pull.

Does a 1.6 tdci zetec have a cambelt or chain?


Does a 1995 Nissan Largo have a cambelt or chain?


What do laguna pueblo Indians use for clothing?

the laguna puebllo indians used animal skin for there clothes to keep warm and cover up also they would use beeds and paint to decorate.

Where is the pollen filter on a Renault laguna 1997?

It's below the rain cover found at the bottom of the windscreen

How often does a cambelt need to be changed on a Renault laguna 1.9dci?

On my 2001 MY 1.9DCI its 100,000Miles or 5 Years, whichever comes first. Dont skimp and just get the belt, Renault do a kit which contains tensioners too.

How do you change a water pump on a subaru svx?

this feat takes alot of time, and you need to be well organised, you have to start with pulling all the things on the radiator off hoses etc, then pull radiator out, continue to remove driving belts and pullys off then remove cambelt cover, after this you need to remove the drivers side cam pully, runners and rear case, then you will have access to the water pump, one cambelt pully will be on the water pump, you need to remove it to get the pump off, then remove the surrounding 8 bolts from the water pump and give a bit of a tug walla install new water pump and enjoy, i have just finished replacing mine.

How do you remove a valve cover on a 1996 Hyundai elantra?

CAUTION: Some models are equipped with anti-theft-radio make sure you have the activation code before disconnecting battery * Disconnect negative battery cable * Detach the accelerator cable from the cable guides on the valve cover (It's not necessary to remove the cable guides unless you're replacing the valve cover) * Disconnect the PCV and breather hoses from the valve cover * Remove the spark plug wire cover bolts remove the cover and then remove the spark plug wires * Remove the bolts that attach the upper timing belt cover to the valve cover * Remove the valve cover bolts and then remove the valve cover

How much does it cost to change a cambelt on a Laguna?

i have Reno laguna 2005 1.9dci model. i rang Renault garage and they say that they will charge 400 pounds. i also rang some local garages and they say round about 300 to 350 pounds. so u be better of going to the main Reno dealers for full piece of mind.

Dose a peugeot 206 have a cambelt or chain?

Toothed rubber Cambelt