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If by cover, you mean the brake drum itself, then what you'll have to do is back the brakes off with a flat screwdriver or a special brake tool. On the other side of the mounting plate, there should be a rubber grommet of some sort in a hole. Remove this to gain access to the adjuster wheel. Turn the adjuster wheel until the brakes are loose enough to remove the drum. If you turn the adjuster the wrong way, it will tighten the brakes. Rotate the drum while moving the adjuster to determine if your going the right way. When you put new brakes on it, turn the adjuster until the brakes barely rub the drum, then back it off until they quit rubbing. Hope I've been some help..

when you say cover, on top of the axel, in back of that plate, there is a screw, Phillips I believe, that holds that plate on. I had the same problem, banging and all, just to find out there was a screw holding that plate on. Some auto repair manuals do not list this and some do. Hope this answers your question.

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Q: How do you remove the cover from rear brake drum on 88 Ford F-250 the tire was removed and the cover was hammered on and it feels loose but want pull off it feels like something is holding it on?
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if a 4 cylinder ,locate thermostat housing, remove 2 nuts holding coil on, then remove 2 bolts holding housing on, t-stat is in housing

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To remove the front grill on a 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe the bumper will need to be removed first. After the bumper is removed, take off the four screws and clips holding the grill in place. The grill is then ready to remove.

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Remove all that "junk" from under the seat, you may have something under there that is holding the locks from locking in place. If not I would remove the seat by unbolting the bolts that hold it down. With the seat removed, turn the seat upside down and examine the locking mechanism, maybe a spring broke or something got bent.

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Remove the plastic cover if your car still has it installed and remove the bolts holding the covers on and remove, the drivers side is a pain, you may have to remove other parts so they can be removed.

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The arm rest can be removed from the seat on a 1998 F150 by locating the bolts holding it on. Remove the bolts with the proper tool and life the armrest from the seat carefully.

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go into the trunk and you will see. it will have some screws to turn and then pull it out - we have removed six visible bolts...but there still seems to be something holding it down. Are there any bolts underneath...or a clip internally?

How do you remove car engine shutoff?

This is something typically programmed into the ECM, and you would need to have that removed from the programming.

How do you replace the fender on a full size ford bronco?

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How do you change the handle on a 2002 ford explorer on the back hatch?

if its equiped with a door panel then you have to remove it. Once removed, there should be access holes to get to the back of the handle to remove it. the door panel will probably have a few screws in it. There are either clips holding the panel on which you can just pull hard on the panel to remove or there are plastic hooks molded to the panel in which you have to pull up and out to remove the panel. Just pull the panel up a little and peek in to see whats holding it on. Once removed there should be access holes all over the place to remove the handle.

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There are 3 wing nuts holding the headlight bracket. Remove these and unplug wire going to headlight. Remove bracket from van and then the headlight can be removed from bracket.

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remove the wiperblades remove the louvered cowl loosen the arm to motor retainer remove the bolts holding the motor to the firewall make sure you put the arm back in the same direction you removed it

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2005 5.3 trailblazer I have removed the ground wire , power wire and lower 2 bolts on the front, but it seems that something is still holding the alternator in place. Can you tell me what else I need to loosen to get the altnator to come loose?

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If you remove the rear seat cushion and then the seat back, you can access the clips holding the package shelf and remove them. The speakers are held in with four screws each that have to be removed. It's only about an hour job.there are several "clips" holding the carpet down behind the rear seats. they can be accessed through the trunk and then the whole piece will lift out and the speakers can be removed.

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Some are removable from the exterior. Remove brake drum. There should be 4 bolts holding axle in place Hub should have a large hole on side to allow use of a socket to remove these bolts After bolts removed pull axle out of differential. Some have to be removed from inside the "Banjo". Not familiar with this procedure

What do you have to do to get the battery out of a Chevy Venture?

In my experience you will need to remove the cross brace over the battery. You wil also need to remove the fuse block from the brace and pull it aside. There is a 13mm bolt holding the battery holddown bracket in place that needs removed. this requires a long extention to get past the battery. Once removed you can remove the battery cables and battery.

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Yes, you do have to remove the door panel on a 99 Lumina in order to change the driver's side mirror. To do this you will have to remove the screws holding the panel in place. There will also be clips that can be removed. Pull the door panel carefully away once these items are removed.

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