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Best advice go to a Junk yard and try it first or look at how it comes apart, where all the snaps are.

Open the drivers door and around A/C vent are a couple of Phillips screws. Start there. There are a few more screws along the underside of the dash, unplug the headlight switch,and the whole front around the gauges and past the center A/c vents pulls off, move the transmission lever out of the way. Use gentle force, it snaps back together later. You can get the gauges by removing about six more screws pull it out and reach behind to unplug electric connection.

want to removethe top of the dash? Pull off the trim on the windshield supports and very carefully slide a pry tool along the front edge searching for the snaps. You need to pry up at the snaps or you might break the dash. The whole things forces together and apart.

That is as far as I have gone after two or three times it can be done in ten minutes.

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Q: How do you remove the dashboard on a 1998 Caravan?
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