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It depends how the distributor is driven, if it is an ohv engine or the distributor is driven by a shaft in the side of the cyl block, the distributor should be driven by a helical gear. To remove this you loosen the pinch bolt at the base of the distributor that clamps it onto the engine, give it a wiggle side to side and just pull until it comes out. Obviously remove the wires and plug leads first, noting the order the leads are in and replace them EXACTLY as they came off, also mark the body of the distributor to a mark on engine block so when it is re-fitted, the marks line up for easy timing. Hope this helps

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Q: How do you remove the distributor directly from the drive and how hard is it to do?
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When you remove a hard drive does it remove the programs as well?

No. They will stay on the hard drive.

How do you change a pick up coil in the distributor on a 1989 Chevrolet Camero?

The easy way is to replace the entire distributor with a remanufactured unit. The hard way is to mark position of distributor rotor, remove the distributor from engine,reome cap & rotor, remove drive gear from the bottom of distributor , slide shaft up & out, remove pick up.reverse steps & reset ignition timing. IMPORTANT TO MARK LOCATION OF ROTOR BEFORE REMOVAL

How do you replace an internal hard drive?

If you are using a laptop, you will have to remove some screws from the bottom and then carefully remove the hard drive using an appropriate tool. If you are using a desktop, you will have to remove a few screws from the back that is holding the hard drive in. You will also have to remove a plug that goes from the hard drive to the computer. Then, do these steps in reverse with the new hard drive.

What is hard drive based players?

it is a player that runs directly off the hard drive

How do you replace the hard drive on a toshiba p35-s611?

You can access the hard drive from the bottom of the laptop. If you turn the laptop upside down, you'll find the hard drive door under the Toshiba sticker with the laptop serial number. Remove two screws from the hard drive cover and then remove the cover. Slide the hard drive to the right and remove it. Transfer the hard drive bracket to a new hard drive.

Will formatting your hard drive erase any files on it?

Yes, Surely it will remove everything on hard drive. Formatting a hard drive means to remove everything on hard drive. If you are formatting only a specific drive like C:\ or D:\ then the data in only that drive will be removed.

Where can I get a hard drive to buy?

A new hard drive can be found at computer stores, or directly from the manufacturer. The hard drive can be found on the Internet with a simple search.

What is the function of the IDE drive?

A an internal hard drive that plugs directly into the motherboard.

Will reformatting hard drive remove virus?

It will remove the virus (and everything else) from that drive but it will not necessarily remove the virus from the computer.

Is it possible to use a PlayStation 2 as an external hard drive for a PC?

No. However, if you remove the hard drive, it can be used as a regular hard drive in a computer.

How do you remove the hard drive on a Dell Dimension 2350?

To remove the hard drive on a Dell Dimension 2350 desktop computer, one has to open up the system unit. The hard disk can then be unscrewed from the drive bay.

How do you remove partition on slave hard drive?

To remove a partition on a slave hard drive you can go into the BIOS. You should look up a guide if you plan to do this.

How do you remove a hard drive from a XBOX 360?

The hard drive just pulls away from the top of the console

How do you hook up hard drive to cable box?

You cannot hook up a hard drive directly to a cable box.

How do you remove a Hard Drive from a Computer?

# Open Up the case # disconect all cables going to the hard drive # Remove the screws holding it in place # pull/push the drive out of the coumputer

You have windows vista installed if you remove and install a new hard drive can you put windows xp on it?

Yes. Actually, there is no need to remove the hard drive. You can format the existing hard drive and install XP on it as well. Note: Yes, you can there is no need to remove the hard drive. You can format the existing hard drive and install XP. and also you can install both opreting system single computer. XP and vista both.

Do you always have to remove external hard drive before shutting down your laptop?

i always remove the external hard drive before shutting down my laptop

How does one remove an external hard drive?

In order to remove a external hard drive one must first disconnect it from the the computer by clicking through the hard dives and entering the options and disconnecting.

How do you remove files from a hard drive?

Format it or delete it.

What are the steps to remove a hard drive from an Xbox 360?

To remove the hard drive and Xbox 360 one needs to switch off the console. Turn it horizontally, locate the hard drive cover release, slide the release to the front of the console and then pull the tab to release the drive.

If you format your hard drive do you remove the registry?

Yes. All data on the hard drive will be destroyed, including the Windows Registry.

Will re-installing windows remove virsus from the hard drive?

Formatting the hard drive and reinstalling will remove viruses. You might have to clean the boot sector on your hard drive too, if you caught one of so called boot sector viruses.

How do you remove the hard drive from an HP t760 pavilion?

Remove the outside of the case. Below or above the DVD drive will be hard drive boxrs with something poking out the top. Disconnect the cable from the motherboard to the harddrive and pull it out.

What is directly tied to the speed of the computer?

The RPM of your hard drive. A 7000RPM drive is faster than a 5000RPM drive, and an SSD is faster than all Platter hard drives.

Does removing a hard drive remove all internet history from computer?

Assuming there is only one hard drive on the computer, then yes.