How do you remove the door panel on a 2004 Sienna to replace the mirror?

2004 Toyota Sienna (might also cover 2000 - 2006 )

1) Remove plastic screw with plastic base (at the rear edge of the panel).

2) Remove the rear view mirror plastic cover by gently prying away from door.

3) Lightly pry the plactic cover behind door handle, remove Phillips screw.

4) Lift compartment door and remove Phillips screw.

5) Gently pry with a thin putty knife at the rear edge of the arm rest/compartment door assembly to release the spring clip. After clip is released, raise gently from the rear while pulling toward the rear.

6) Depress the side of the electical switch plug, pull and disconnect from from the button assembly. Set the arm rest/compartment door assembly aside.

7) Remove one large Phillips screw that secures the panel to door shell.

7) Remove three Phillips screws holding the bracket for the arm rest/compartment door assembly to door shell.

8) Remove door panel by pulling toward you. Pry at corner to get it started if needed.

9) At this point, the loose panel will have two cables still attached to it along with a wire connecion.

10) Disconect the wire plug.

11) Looking behind the panel you will see the two cables (lock and door handle). Gently pull each cable at its base to release its hold to the panel, then slide the cable ends out of their positions.

12) Reverse order to install.