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Remove the neg battery cable tehn the aC ducts under the dash. Then take the wires and bolts holding the radio from under the dash. Then remove the knobs and the nuts under them. Work the radio out from under the dash.

First remove the bezel from the dash, (around the radio). Use 4 heavy pieces of wire and insert one into each of the holes in the corners of faceplate of the radio. Push them in approx. 2 inches then pull the radio out the front and disconnect the wires and antenna.

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Q: How do you remove the factory radio from a 1989 Ford Tempo?
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Does a 1989 Grand Prix LE have a factory amp for the radio?

Yes it does, it is located behind the am/fm radio, its nothing to brag about, I think it something like 40 watts or something. I recently replaced my radio and saw it when I pulled out the old head unit...

What oil do you use in a 1989 Ford Tempo?


What is the recommended oil for your 1989 Ford Tempo?

10W30 in the engine.

1989 Ford Tempo fuse panel diagram?


What engine can fit into a 1989 Tempo?

You can fit the remanufactured 18 liter Ford engine in the 1989 Tempo. You can also choose the 3.0 liter SHO engine that was found in the Escort at about the same time.Ê

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How do you syphon gas from a Ford Tempo 1989?

with an electric fuel pump.

Why does one of the front caliper not release on an 1989 tempo?

Its time to replace it.

When installing a new radio in a 1989 Dodge Caravan winfinity factory radio how do you integrate it with factory amp or bypass the amp?

if you are using an aftermarket wiring harness hook up the remote turn on wire on the new radio it should be blue with a white stripe to the harness also has a blue and white stripe and plug it in this wire turns on the factory amplifier if you are not using a harness you will have to locate the internal amplifier wire of the radio and connect that to the remote turn on on the aftermarket radio = answer = the inernal apm power wire is white on the black wire harness ANSWER if you dont want to use the factory amp. just run new speaker wires to each speaker.

How do I remove the radio from a Ford festiva?

what year is it i do not think it matters but at the front there is a plastic piece with the air vents at the bottom are 2 Philips head screws one on each side then it will pull of and there is screws on the radio that hold them in remove these then side the radio forward and disconnect the plugs and unscrew radio ground and unplug antenna i hope this helps i did this on my 1989 Ford Festiva

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