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How do you remove the fan blade from the fan motor on a 1994 Plymouth Acclaim 30litre 6 cyl there are no screws and the blade will not slip through the piece that the clip goes on should you File it?


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File the outside edges of the rod that slips through the fan blade lightly, it went in, it should then slip out.


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just pull the ashtray all the way out and remove the screws on the sides.

Email me I will give you what you need to know. Lynn

Remove upper upper mounting bolt and nut. Raise and support front of vehicle. Remove lower mounting bolt and remove starter.

You have to drain/remove the "transmission" oil pan to get access to the filter.

Where the fuse box is, remove the panel and there should be a sticker on it, that shows what goes where, and what amp the fuse is.

Use a dental pick or similar tool and carefully pry off center cap to reveal Allen screw.

The way i did it was accidentally putting it in neutral at a gas station and let it roll backwards with the door open.Ripped it right off...

The question you ask is too involved for a proper answer. You need to go to a car parts store, and get a repair manual for your car. They cost about $16.00

Remove the center bolt for the C/V joint... remove rotor and brake caliper, there is 4 bolts that holds it on, remove the bolts and it will come off and install in reverse order. ============================================================== This isn't true for say, a 1989 Acclaim which has the front wheel bearings pressed it, as well as held in by 3 bolts into the spindle. This I know as Ive replaced both my front hub (wheel bearing) assemblies on my 89 Acclaim LX. ~Technologic80

The "brain" (SBEC or Single Board Engine Controller) is located directly behind the battery tray. You have to remove the air cleaner duct to gain access.

Its held in with 4 star shaped screws... just disconnect the headlight bulbs, remove the screws and install the same way that you took that out with.

It is much easier to reach them if you remove the air filter box itself. They are basically opposite the front ones.

1995 Plymouth Acclaim Repair Fuel Pump Steps or Procedure? What I need to do to remove the Fuel Pump and put the new one in? Does the pressure gas is off ones the Fuel Pump is not working? Does I need to remove the negative cable of the batterry and open the outside gas tank cap or lid? "Please as soon you can answer, sent the answer to my e-mail address", as follow; Thanks, Miguel A. San Antonio

Remove the tire and rim. Loosen the callipers and lift up out of the way. Unbolt the rotor and pull it off. The rotor may be siezed on the hub. If that is the case you will have to hit it with a hammer between the studs until it comes loose.

how do you remove a power steering pump from a 1995 plymouth voyager?

Remove the Radiator and have it serviced if they are able to. If not you will need to replace it, would be a good time to replace the Radiator hose's as well. Hope This Helps.

These fuel filters are hosed and connected with original crimped and tabbed conncectors. You will need a special tool to remove, found in most auto parts stores. If you are like me and like to completely tune-up your acclaim. You can remove these factory crimped hoses and buy some replacement hose and clamps to make it easier next time. The tool used to remove the original hose clamps are very difficult and tricky to work. F. garay

Remove fuel filler cap - turn on ignition and listen for "hum" Check fuel pressure - with key on engine off should read 23-31 psi.

First of all is it the 2.5L 4-cyl or the 3.0L 6-cyl? A Haynes manual for any Dodge or Plymouth using your engine actually has plenty of info. I used a manual for a 1989 Dodge Caravan to change the belt on a 1995 Plymouth Acclaim 3.0L. The engines look identical. If you have the 3.0L: Quick connect fuel lines are in the way. Will have to support the engine to remove the motor mounting. Remove the large motor mounting engine bracket. Remove the serpentine belt. Remove upper timing belt covers. Remove various pulleys AFTER setting TDC. Unbolt and move power steering pump and A/C compressor. Absolutely definitely should replace WATER PUMP too because it is driven by the timing belt. After belt off, check timing belt tensioner by spinning it. Pros will replace it with timing belt.

The black radiator hose comes out of the upper left of the radiator. Follow it to where it connects to the engine block at the top center of the engine. It is just to the left of the ignition coil. That is the thermostat housing. Remove the bolts holding the housing, and the thermostat will be there.

You need to remove the head to do this . Then compress the spring and remove the keepers

You have to remove the fuel tank.You have to remove the fuel tank.

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