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How do you remove the front air springs on 1988 Lincoln lsc mark 7?



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Replacing the front airsprings or any of the airsprings is actually very easy. First off turn off the suspension switch in the trunk behind the spare tire.Next remove the wheels .Below airspring remove retaining clip by sliding forward. On the top of the airspring there is an electrical plug in the airspring solenoid remove that next. NOW THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT turn the solenoid counterclockwise ABOUT A QUARTER INCH ONLY TILL IT CLICKS INTO THE FIRST SLOT and air remaining in the airspring is expelled If you turn it too much the solenoid could pop out and hurt you or cause damage BE CAREFUL!!! Now once air is expelled completely you need to turn the solenoid another turn till it comes out the upper slot Now you can remove the airline by pushing down the coller on line and pulling line out.Now release metal clip on airbag by pushing down once done you can turn airspring to remove. Install front wheels lower slightly till tires touch ground but don't put all weight on springs. Turn on suspension switch put charger on battery and turn ignition on dont remove jack till springs are completely filled