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Pull them all the way up to their limit. You will see a slide switch by one of the bars heading into the seat. Push it in and lift the rest at the same time. It should come right out.

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โˆ™ 2006-01-22 16:25:28
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Q: How do you remove the headrests from a 1997 Cavalier 2 door?
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1997chev cavalier 2 door windshield fit a 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier 4 door?


Are the door and trunk keys different on a 1997 Chevy cavalier?

I have a 97 Cavalier,,,and one key does the door , ignition and trunk.

Will the drivers door on a 2000 cavalier interchange with the drivers door on a 1997?

no different body style

How to you remove and replace a door lock for a 2003 Cavalier?

It has a retainer on the inside of the door. Take the door panel off.

How do you remove the door panel on a 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24?

The door panel in a 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24, can be removed by first removing the lens covers from any lights in the door. Then, remove the light sockets themselves with a screwdriver. Using a flat screwdriver, gently pop the clips on all sides of the door panel and remove it.

How do you remove door window winder motor from 1999 Cavalier?

take it to safelite lol

How do you replace door speakers for a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer?

Remove the speaker covers from your 1997 Mercury. Remove the door speaker retaining screws. Remove the door speaker wiring harness. Reverse the process to install your new door speakers.

How do you remove the passenger side rear door of a 1997 Nissan Pathfinder?

support the door then remove the hinge to door bolts and lift door off.

How do you remove the outside door handle from a 1997 Honda Accord?

you have to remove the lock clinder

How do you remove the bottom back seat for a 2001 cavalier 2 door?

To remove the bottom back seat on a 2001 Cavalier, open all the doors and pull the front seats forward. Next, remove the seat cushion from the vehicle.

Can a 96 2 door cavalier windshield fit a 99 4 door cavalier?

the correct answer is no in general the windshield in any two door cavalier will not fit into a four door cavalier the haight of the roof is much higher in a four door than a two door sorry

How do you remove the door panels in your 1999 Z24 Cavalier?

To remove the door panel on a cavalier there are four screws on the under side and the back of the bottem lip. Remove those screws then there are 2 screw in the door handle. Remove those. remove the triangle piece of plastic where the mirror controls are then give it a little tug and the door panel should pop loose then lift up and walk away with it. If you have crank windows then you have to remove the crank lever and if you have electric locks the you have a clip you have to un do that powers the switch.

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