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Removal and Installation Remove the instrument cluster finish panel. Remove the lower steering column cover. Remove the lower steering column cover retaining bolts. Position the parking brake release aside and remove the lower steering column cover. Remove the retaining bolts and remove the lower steering column reinforcement. Position the transmission range indicator cable out of the way. Disconnect the cable.Remove the retaining screw and position the cable aside. Remove the instrument cluster screws and position the instrument cluster aside. Disconnect the electrical connecters and remove the instrument cluster. To install, reverse the removal procedure.

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2006-04-08 03:41:18
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Q: How do you remove the instrument cluster on a 2003 Ford Crown Victoria?
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I was looking at the drawings of the instrument panel ( gauge cluster ) in the 1997 Ford Crown Victoria Owner Guide and it doesn't have a factory tachometer

Can you put a Digital instrument cluster in ford crown Victoria?

yes, infact the newer ones have one

Will a 2007 Crown Victoria police speedometer cluster fit onto a 1999 police Crown Victoria cluster?

no, its a different design

How do you remove the stuts rear from ford crown Victoria 92?

How do you remove the stuts rear from ford crown victoria 92?

Where is the low fuel warning light module on a 1985 ford crown Victoria?

It's in the gauge cluster. Take the bezel off and remove your instrument cluster. Look on the bottom right and you will see a small IC board plugged in, about the size of a book of matches...maybe a bit bigger. That's it! It will slide out. Good luck!

How do you remove the dash from 1997 Crown Victoria?


How do you replace heater core in 2000 crown Victoria?

How to remove the heat core housing on a 2001 crown Victoria? I remove the dashboard, can't get heat core housing out.

How do you remove fuel pump from a 1998 crown Victoria?

You have to remove the gas tank. Its in there.

How do I change the Check engine light bulb in a 1996 crown Victoria?

To change the check engine light bulb on a 1996 Crown Victoria you need to remove the molding from around the instrument panel. Next, remove the headlight knob and shafts. Locate the light bulb and turn counterclockwise to remove. Reverse directions to replace with a new bulb.

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To empty an ashtray in a 1994 Crown Victoria you must remove the ashtray by applying forward pressure.

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What year ? 1993

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the fuel pump on the crown Victoria is located in the gas tank and if replacing it you have to remove the tank to get to it...Dennis Sison

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