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remove cluster from dash

Some pull loose others may have a couple of screws depends what year model.


On the 1994 Ford F-250, there are 2 decorative panels about 1" x 6" in size - one on each side of the steering wheel. These panels pop off easily with a flat blade screw driver to reveil one screw under each one. Remove the 2 screws and now the main panel is only held in by clips.

The only other hurdle is to remove the light switch knob. With the negative battery post disconnected, pull the knob out. There is a small slot in the knob. Put a small flat blade screwdriver in the slot and pull toward you. The screwdriver will release a clip and the knob will come off the shaft and into your hand. Carefully remove any remaining wire connectors from the back side of the panel. Then the instrument panel will come off completely.

Hi, this is Keith in NC. I just wanted to add some advise concerning lighting of any type due to my thirty + years experience in the lighting industry, It seems like I have installed , repaired a million different kinds and learned all the ways they can fail both types , DC and AC . As for dash and instrument panels there is usually several small lights behind the panels be prepared to find more than one not working. I noticed a pattern over the years that when you install one or more at the same place and same time they will start going out about the same under normal circumstances. in hard to access areas like behind panels, enclosed road signs, ETC. it is cheaper in the long run to change them all ,if you replace just one chances are you will have to take everything apart shortly to repair the others .if there is anything I can do to help feel free to ask me, together we can work it out and hopefully save you some time and money.

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The '87 - '92 models are much the same as the Original Poster's suggestion. With the exception that the right lower panel is clipped into place. Carefully pry on the right edge of the panel and it will snap out and reveal the retaining screw for the lower left panel. The left side of this panel is also clipped into place. The headlight switch has a little release button that is extremely difficult to reach. It is on the upper right side of the switch housing near the connector. The windshield washer knob just pulls off of the shaft. Then unplug the Fuel Tank selector switch. Once the lower panels are removed, the remaining four panel screws for the cluster trim will be exposed. Be careful not to lose the little rubber feet that tend to fall off the back of the trim panel when it is being removed. Now the instrument cluster panel screws will be exposed. If the cluster does not pull out far enough to reach the two connectors on the back, then you may have to pull the slack out of the speedometer cable. You can pull the cable up from the floorboard next to the accelerator pedal.

The Engine bulb as well as other related bulbs such as turn signal indicators are located on the back side of the trim panel. The cluster illumination bulbs and other warning indicators are inserted in the back of the instrument cluster. Be sure to check all of the bulbs as you may not be aware that some were not working. Sometimes just removing the bulbs and re-inserting them back into their twist-on sockets may be enough as the connections may just be dirty. Use a pencil eraser to clean the contact points on the terminal strip.

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Q: How do you remove the instrument panel on a Ford F-250 XLT to change the check engine bulb?
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Please be more specific--there is no such thing as an "engine light". There is a Check Engine Light or Service Engine Soon light. You have to remove the instrument cluster to replace the bulb for this or any other instrument light.

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To change the check engine light bulb on a 1996 Crown Victoria you need to remove the molding from around the instrument panel. Next, remove the headlight knob and shafts. Locate the light bulb and turn counterclockwise to remove. Reverse directions to replace with a new bulb.

How do you replace the check engine light bulb on a 1996 ford e150 van?

Remove the instrument cluster.

Can you turn off a check engine light without going to a mechanic on a 1989 preludeS?

take your instrument panel bezel off and remove the bulb.

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No sorry. you gotta pull the whole instrument panel out to get to it.

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To remove the cluster to get to the bulb, lower your steering wheel and remove the trim piece. Take out two screws and pull out the instrument cluster.

How do you change the dash light bulbs in a 2000 Chevy Tracker?

It is very easy, first you need to remove the plastic dash cover around the instrument panel. You need to remove two screws located up in the instrument panel. Remove 4 screws and remove the instrument panel, disconet 3 electric plugs behind the instrument panel. After this you will have the instrument panel in your hand and you can check one by one each bulb. It have 2 differents bulbs.

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It is illegal to disable the check engine light.

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The check engine light has nothing to due with an oil change.

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The check engine light does not come on for an oil change.

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what you do is remove the instrument cluster (pop the cover and unscrew the cluster) put it on a bench face down then all you need to do is remove the clip holding the bulb in place.

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