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How do you remove the lines to the fuel filter located on a 1999 VW Jetta?


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Just a thin screwdriver will do the trick. But be gentle, there are plastic clips under the line. Don't wanna break them. And be sure to release the pressure fromt eh fuel system before you attempt this fix... Take the gas cap off for a minute or so. Fuel will spill when removing the filter, don't think this is a good backyard fix.


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follow fuel lines to filter. remove lines from filter and fit lines to new filter.

The 2006 fuel filter on the Jetta diesel is located in the engine bay passenger side at the front. It is a silver canister with 4 rubber lines coming into it. Five or six screws hold on the top of the canister and the top can be tied back until the filter is replaced. I did not take the lines off. The replacement filter couldn't be found at my local auto stores and 3 different ones are made for 2006 jetta diesel and is VIN # specific. The filter cost 39.00 at the volkswagon dealership. The filter slides over a 1" collar and was very hard to remove. I had to destroy the old one to get it out. The new one slides back on is also very tight. Hope this helps.

it is located under the oil filter in the engine compartment and you have to pinch the clips on the sides of the fuel lines at the filter, push them toward the filter and then remove lines and clamp, it is easier to remove fuel line from metal junction under truck for the rear line

The fuel filter is on the drivers side frame under the brake master cylinder. To change it remove the 2 10mm nuts from the filter bracket then disconnect the fuel lines to it AND CAREFULLY REMOVE do not bend the plastic lines.

I have a 92 Trooper and my fuel filter is located on the frame rail, passenger side of the car near the rear tire. Just clamp off the lines on boh sides of the fuel filter so fuel doesn't go all over the place then remove the one bolt holding the fuel filter in place. Remove the fuel lines and put your new filter in place. Attach the fule lines, bolt the filter back in place and remove the clamps. I hope that helps.

The transmission oil filter is remotely located on the 2004 model. Follow the transmission oil lines and they will lead you to a removable kick panel on the drivers side. Remove this panel and you will find your spin on trans oil filter. Cheers! The transmission oil filter is remotely located on the 2004 model. Follow the transmission oil lines and they will lead you to a removable kick panel on the drivers side. Remove this panel and you will find your spin on trans oil filter. Cheers!

Use a fuel/AC quick disconnect tool to remove fuel lines from filter. Plug fuel lines as they removed to reduce amount of fuel spilt. Remove 1/2" nut, located on outside of frame, that holds filter retaining clip inplace. Exchange filters and reattach retaining clip. Use quick disconnect tool to reattach fuel lines.

The fuel filter is on the passenger side of the engine compartment, near the rear. Remove the filter from the holder, and pull it up high enough to remove the fuel lines. Reconnect the fuel lines to the new filter.

its located on your fuel lines start out by tracing the fuel lines from your fuel tank and work your way up to the front of the car it will be located along the frame rail, to replace it disconnect the fuel lines running into it, separate the two tabs on the connecting fitting and remove. (There will be two fuel lines running into the filter mark the top line for easy assemble) enjoy

It is located on the passenger side of the car. You access it by opening your hood. Standing in front of the car, you will see the plastic cowel that lines the bottom of your windshields. On the passenger side of that, you will see 3 or 4 Phillips screws. Remove them and pop out the plastic cover. Inside there is the housing for the filter. It takes a little finesse to get it in and out, but not hard at all.

It's located on the fuel rail in front of the back driver's side tire. You will have to have a special tool to remove the fuel lines.

find the fuel filter under the driver side near the frame disconnect both fuel lines remove filter from bracket place new fitler in place same way old one was in then reconnect fuel lines

You will need to jack up the RR corner of the vehicle to reach it. The fuel filter is fastened with a big clamp to the right side frame rail, close to the fuel tank, just ahead of the RR wheel. Use a small flat screwdriver to remove the two plastic clips from the lines attached to the filter. Be careful, the lines are under pressure, and there will be fuel that will spray out as you unplug the lines from the filter. Use a flat screwdriver to loosen the clamo from the body of the filter and then you can remove and replace the filter. Install the new plastic line clips that are in the box with the filter into the lines and then plug the lines onto the filter until you hear them click in place.

Remove the fuel filter relay. Unbolt the fuel filter strap that holds it to the frame. Disconnect the lines to the filter and remove it. Reverse the process to install.

its located under the drivers side loosen the lines on both sides you can move the lines enough to pull the filter out of the mounting replace the filter and check lines for leaks. a Chevy is an astro a gmc is a safari. and before you remove the fuel filter you have to de pressurize the system and then be prepared for spillage with some paper or towels. use eye protection.

The fuel filter is located underneath the air filter box. It is quite awkward to get to unless you complete remove the air filter box. Be sure to open your fuel tank to relieve pressure before unhooking the fuel lines and put a pan on the ground to catch the fuel.

It is located on the passengers side of the engine compartment. You must open the gas cap before disconnecting the two fuel lines. There are two fuel line fittings that you must loosen and remove. Next, remove the bolt holding the clamp to remove the filter. Replace the filter using new washers. Be sure to check for leaks with the car running.

Remove the fuel lines from both Ann's of the fuel filter. The lines can be removed by loosening the clamps. Reverse the process to install the new fuel filter.

you unscrew the band clamp around the filter then remove the 2 white clips on each end of the fuel lines they pull out.the pull off the lines,remove the filter from its houseing and repeat to replace

the filter is located in the fuel line under the car looks like a canister a special tool is needed to remove the fuel lines from the filter there is another smaller filter located on the cArberator or on the end of the fuel injection rale on my 89 it is on the passenger side of the firewall. it has a 5/8 bolt and a 9/16 bolt holing it on to the line.

Fuel filter is located as a part of fuel pump. You would have to remove fuel tank of the mountings assembley then you see flex fuel lines coming of the fuel pump.Once you disconect flex fuel lines (quick conectors) Unscrew the fuel pump then you see a filter

passinger side under floorpan bu jack point coverd with a steel plate follow the lines to plate remove plate to access fuel filter

The fuel filter is located on the passenger side of the vehicle near the gas tank. It's held on with a hose clamp attached to a bracket. You will need special clips to remove the fuel lines and change the filter. A filter I bought a year ago had them included, but now all of a sudden I can't find them anywhere. The local VW dealer seemed like they had never heard of the clips or a tool to remove the lines...which makes me nervous. Anyway, good luck.

its located in between the power steering pump and alternator when in doubt follow the ac lines that run to and from it

To replace the fuel filter in a 1999 Mazda 626 V6 you will first need to located the fuel filter. Open the hood of the vehicle and look for a silver round object near the engine. This is the fuel filter. To remove it, simply remove the air intake parts on top of it and then slide the clamp away from the fuel lines. The filter sits in a small bracket and can be easily removed.

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