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It's important to open all doors and windows. Then Fabreeze (bought in most stores) any furnishings, rugs, drapes, etc.

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Percentage of propane and butane in LPG?

30% propane and 70 butane in lpg

Can propane be substituted for butane into a lighter?

Yes, propane will burn as same as butane.

What is better to take camping butane or propane?

Propane...butane freezes too easily

Chemical constitution of the LPG?

LPG is a mixture of propane and butane. Propane is the more volatile. Propane is C3H8 and butane is C4H10

What is the difference between butane and propane?

Propane has the chemical formula C3H8. Butane has the chemical formula C4H10.

Which family of fuel gas do propane and butane belong to?

Propane, butane and its blends belong to the third family.

Why do building contractors prefer to use propane rather than butane gas on building sites?

Propane freezes at a lower temprature than butane. Propane also burns hotter than butane.

What LPG contains?

Butane and Propane

What are the substances in LPG?

Propane and butane

Can you fill a bic lighter with butane?

A BIC lighter can be filled with Butane or Propane. I do however also think that it can be filled with Ethane and Methane. Common lightergas is Propane and Butane. Regards.

Is Propane and Butane the same weight?

is there a weight difference in propane verses butain

What is difference between butane and methyl propane?

Butane has higher melting and boiling points.

What represents C4H10?

It is either n-butane or methyl propane (i.e. 'iso-butane' )

Cooking gas is a mixture of?

Butane and propane

What is cooking gas made of?

propane or butane,

What gas is similar as LPG?

Propane and butane

What is the LPG mixture in the Philippines?

Propane and butane

What is the mixture of cooking gas?

Butane & Propane

What is butane used for in everyday life?

Propane and butane are two very similar gases, both used widely for fuel, especially for heating fuel.Butane, while not as commonly used as propane, is nonetheless a very popular heating fuel.Butane is also used in things like camp stoves, and is also seen in many cigarette lighters, and as a propellant in some aerosols.It is represented in the NFPA-704 system in the same way as propane, and like propane is also classified as highly flammable (F+).Butane is, generally speaking, a cheaper fuel than propane; although since it is less common it is not always possible to easily find devices fitted to work with butane. On a per-volume basis, butane is a more efficient fuel than propane, by around 12%. This means that a similar amount of butane and propane will yield more energy for the butane.

What are the constituents of the gasoline?

iso propane and iso butane

Which two main ingredients in LPG?


What type gas is used in cookers?

Propane or butane

What example is for alkane?

methane ethane propane butane

What gas lpg mainly contains?

Butane or Propane

What is the pressure in a usual refill butane that available in the market?

Do you mean propane? If not then a butane what eg. lighter or tank.